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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The decisons you make now, are going to have a great impact in your life later. Doing well in high school is not just a cliche. Even though you can still have a successful career and a happy life if you don't do your best in high school, it makes it so much easier if you can start your post high school education off on a good solid foundation. If I had the mind set of doing my best in high school in order to make my life easier later on, things would definitely be different. I didn't realize that high school and college were not just expected of me to complete, but they were great educational opportunities and ways that I would later be supporting my family with. I wish I would have been more serious in high school, focusing more on grades and learning rather than the social scene. I hope I can pass along this advice to future high school and college students to hopefully save them the heartache of writing this letter to themselves later in their life.


College life can be crazy at first but stick with it. I would tell my high school self to choose a career based on what you love to do. That getting an A in high school is like getting a C in college. Turn your phone off before class, no texting! The world won't stop if you don't post your status on Facebook. Change your circle of friends. If you are hanging out with people who are partying and sleeping in til 1pm, your likely to do the same. Give yourself a reasonable work load. Make a weekly planner and an assignment booklet. Plan your time wisely. Always try to do more than the minimum. Talk to your teachers and ask questions. Seek out a study group. For every hour in class, anticipate two hours working on assignments and reading. Do not doubt your ability to suceed. Smile a lot, work hard and take care of yourself. Reward yourself for your efforts. Good luck!


I want to say to not worry so much about school and grades. Thats the reason that I'm in school and following my dream, I would say try and work on living with your best friends and learn how to cope with someone else's little irritants. Living with two friends is very stressful, especially when one of them does something that bothers you. It's best to just bring it up early rather then dwell on it and get really mad later. The important thing I learned is sacrifice, I sacrifice my time usually spent resting or having fun to cook dinner or clean the house. It may not be what I want to do, but its a matter of keeping the relationship between friends stable and healthy. College life is tough, new place, new people, noone to turn too or help out when your in a jam. The actual college part of it is fun and easy! It's just everything else that seems to get in the way and cause endless headaches and stress unless the relationships between friends were already strong beforehand, and your willing to SACRIFICE to make things work smoothly!


Stay focus girl, these friends you are running with, the boys you are chasing... None of them will be around. If you miss this chance it will take a very long time for another one to come about. Your entire life depends on the decisions you are making now. Soon the status of the economy will be crippling and college may be your only way through it. Don't underestimate the time or dedication you will have to put into all of this. It will be hard, but keep on keeping on. College will be your safe haven so stay committed.


So many people at that time in my life were telling me, ?You?ve got plenty of time to figure out what you want to do." I would go back and tell myself to ignore them. Yes, I have a lifetime of meaningless jobs and living from paycheck to paycheck to find out what I want to do, but I don't want to live like that! I would say, ?Levi, think about where your passions and skills intersect, and then find a career that then corresponds to that intersection. Don't consider what the annual salary is or how long it'll take you, doing what you love is priceless, and if you're doing what you love, you're going to be so good at it that you won't even have to try to make money. You will do the best that you ever have in school because you're going to be studying what you love and are interested in. And you'll unconsciously be doing homework even after graduation because many of you're extracurricular activities will inevitably tie closely to your passions."


If i could go back in time, the advice i would give to my self would be to have a good savings. One thing that you can never plan for is the little expenses that come up in life. Only saving enough to get you through the first month is not enough. Plan for unemployment, car repairs, or house repairs. You always have to be ready to be on your own aswell. I moved down with a friend who couldnt cover first months rent or utilities. I was able to but never got payed back and a year later i was left with two months of a house payment and utilities because my room mate dropped out. I was not finacially ready for this. I stopped saving money because i felt that everything was under control, but i never knew my room mate had the intentions of droppin out. At this moment i am starting to once again save some money for a rainy day. It doesnt matter if you save a lot or little at a time, but saving is saving and will be there to help for any emergency.


Be sure you stay on top of your grades, for they will dictate a lot of things in your future; that is the most important thing I would tell myself. As a high school student it is very easy to take life, school, and your grades very lightly; sometimes with out some one to guide you and to advice you of what is ahead, it can ruin your future in what seems small ways then, but will be bigger later on. Some one to push you around to get better grades never hurts. Once in college every day counts, chances are no one will be pushing you around to turn in your assigments, you will be on your own. Making sure to stay focus in school will be key to success; always strive for something wether it is something individual or a series of things. Pick your friends wisely for they might de-rail you from your objectives. Most important of all, always have a clear goal of what you want to accomplish it will defenitly help you stay focus on the long run and you will always have something to look forward to... it`ll pay off.


My adive to myself would be to always work your hardest, pay atttention, be willing to learn. I would say your attitude is a big deal when it comes to school. If you really want to learn and really want to succeed in life then you will work hard, have a good attitude, and strive to be professional in your schooling everyday. Attitude determines you altitude in your life. Thats what really makes a difference.