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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If i could go back in time and give my self advice i would tell my self that you need to work harder and dont just skate through school. you need to try harder at school because you know you can do it and now that your older you know what u could have done if you wold have tryed harder. so younger me try harder do better because its all worth it in the end.


i would have done better in school for sure.


In thinking back about high school I wish I would of tried harder than I did and I wish I did not feel stupid and out of place than my friends because I was in the special education classes. I feel that I just skipped through school becasue I wanted to graduate but didn't really know what I wanted to do. I tried to take an on line college class but it was difficult for me because of all the reading. I thought about the military becasue I didn't think I could attend college and be able to succeed. When I turned on the television and saw an ad for UTI I thought that this might just be the school for me and I went on line and found out all I could about the school and had my mom and step dad go to the school with me to tour it. Once I got into the school and saw what they offered I knew right then that I would be able to succeed. Thanks to my family helping me financially I am able to acheive my goals and dreams and know I will succeed in this school.