Universal Technical Institute of Pennsylvania Inc Top Questions

What should every freshman at Universal Technical Institute of Pennsylvania Inc know before they start?


Stay on trackl.


I believed the grass was greener on the other side of the fence. I wanted out of my parents house so I moved 500 miles away. I first was in a dorm with six other men. That didn't work. Then I moved out with a few guys I meet. We got a two bedroom apartment. We had to pay for all our expenses except water/sewer/trash. I thought this was great I was on my own, no parents to deal with. Ya not parents, but now I had two roomates to deal with and having to come up with money every month to pay for the things I took for granted at home. Cable TV, Air Conditioning, Heat,food and of course a roof over my head. I never realized how much I cost to be on your own. Then my roomates moved out. I had a part-time job and went to school. I gave it my best try, but realized I wasn't ready to be on my own. My advise is give your parents credit where credit is due and trust me live is not greener on the other side of the fence.


I would have gave my self advice on the financials of going to school. I would have saved money for extra expenses and for books, more then I got saved now for my first year in collage. I would have made my transition easyier by renting a uhaul to transport my belongings to my new place of residence in Exton PA alot easrier. I would have also told myself to work harder on giving essays for scholarships there sometimes really tough to get through and sometimes there not tough at all. I would have made a folder to save my scholarship papers in and and financial info in. Thats the best advice i could have gave my self.


Since I am over 30, I would have plenty to say! I would tell myself to get in gear and get more education. My younger self didn't feel the need for a continuing education but everything I experienced in my twenties and now that I am a married man has taught me otherwise. I would explain that you can't put a price on experience, but it will be much richer if you have the education to make a better life, and better experiences for yourself. Going back to school now has been a great challenge, expecially trying to balance work, home and family. I don't regret the way my life has unfolded, but appreciate how having an education sooner would have changed a lot of things. I would explain to my younger self that the challenges you face with less education needn't be faced, when one has the motivation to educate oneself. An education program as short as a year or two can make a huge difference in the rest of your life, and it's worth the effort.


First and foremost i would continuously reiterate the fact that money does not grow on trees and definately is hard to come around now a days. I would tell myself that what i do and how a rank in high school plays a big part in college or private career schools. Although it is a fresh new start, it also means more responibilities that are not to be taken lightly by any means. These are the decisions that will help me decide how easy or hard my post public education will be.