Universidad Adventista de las Antillas Top Questions

What should every freshman at Universidad Adventista de las Antillas know before they start?


The first advice that I would give my self is to learn how to be more organized with school work. Second, explore a little bit more about your career options. I first started majoring in Theology, and did not go well. Third, loose weight and be more attentive to your personal appereance to have more options with girls. Fourth, do not stay in the on-campus quarters, rent an apartment with a couple of room mates and you will not be restricted to curfews and other restrictions. Fifth, do not take summer classes, you will finish faster your degree but the difference is not worth it to miss wonderful summer time. Sixth, do not buy new clothes for college, you will be identified as a freshman very easy. Sixth, try not to envolve in a serious relationship with a girl for at least the first 2 years of college, I'm not saying be lonely and not have fun, I'm saying do not take it seriously. And last but not least, try to do all or most of your homeworks on week days so you can enjoy your college weekends the most.


Up to now, my sophomore year I have had the best college experience in my life. I've gotten from it a great education, great friends and the reality of accomplishing my dreams. All these things that I have gotten from my college experience have been of alot of value in my life. I've also gotten a life because now I have a secure future in my life with an education. It has been very valuable to me to attend this college. By studing Buisiness Accounting I can accomplish my dream of having my own buisness. In the future when I decide to form a family I will see the value of having attended to college because then I will see that I can give my family what they need thanks to the education I got form college. I want to become a person who apports to the economy and who apports something good to the community. This is why attending college is important, because it gives your life a bright future.


Vanessa i know that you are scared and perhaps not sure of what you would like to do with your future, but give it your all. Look beyond your comfort zone and expand your horizons. There is a large world to discover and education is a great way to start to discover it. I know you don't have any idea what to do and where to start, but how about you start off making a decision on what you would like to major in. Next look into all the financial aid and scholarships that are avaliable to you. Don't waste your time. You have a beautiful mother and younger sister that look up to you and are depending on you to make a difference in your life and theirs. Education is the only way that you can break the cycle of being poor and living paycheck to paycheck. Pick a school that will best suit you. Remember to keep your grades up. Once you start school remeber that its all about transitioning. You can do it. keep an open mind and a positive attitude. Of course you'll make great friends, but remember that your there to study.


To use my time wisly and learn very well the basic materials.


I made sad desicions whilebeing in high school, I even forgot what i wanted in life, and what i looked for. I got caried away with my problems and forgot that life was more then just that. so Isaac i beg you not to give up, to keep trying no matter how many times you fall and hurt yourself get up and walk. i know is hard to be alone. and none one understands but you dont need anyone but yourself, if you dont care , will it really matter if any anoe did? Isaac i want you to do well in school and get good grades just like before, because itds the only thing that will get you to succede in life, i completely understand why your behaiving like this , i know is not yourfault your parents where irresponsible and traveled a lot . you dont have to be like them, you can be better and you will be better. learn to be an individual, to be heard and out spoken, be yourself , be happy. Isaac The only goal you can't accomplish is the one that you don't go after!. think, learn. live.


Do not make the same mistake of choosing a university that you haven't visited or haven't really researched. Make sure you talk with students who have gone to the university and next time, go with your first choice.


Well, i think the best advice i would give to my self is: you need to take studies seriusly cause now your parents are with you and they give you everything you need, but in a while you will need a lot, and maybe your parents wont have enough resources for tou, so now you need to do the best you can, that way when you finished, you will have more oportunities to be succed. so now its your time to start to be what you want to be in the future, don't let the time goes, cause it doesn't returns.


MMM... If i could go back in time and talk to my self before entering college i would tell me that i shoul work a little harder in my classe to try to learn the most i can. I would tell me that i have to enjoy my time in high school becuase thoose times are never coming back and for now on i would have more responsabilitys and more things i would have to do on my own. So i would say live, enjoy, have fun but mostly have God in your heart and mind and do things acording to what you have learn and you think is correct.