Universidad Politecnica de Puerto Rico Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I haven't have personal experiences with racial, religious, LGTB or other groups because such groups don't exist or at least don't operate on the open that I know of. The campus pretty much accepts in general terms people from all walks of life. Since there is a place for everyone, it would be hard to believe that someone would feel left out. Students wear very comfortable clothes much of the time, but that really depends on the person. Students interact mostly with people from their own majors or faculties. There is not a dining hall at campus, instead, everyone goes to different restaurant and fast food chains all nestle inside or outside campus. Most of the students are from far away cities and counties in the country and not from the metropolitan area. Middle and lower class are the most financially represented populations. Very few students are politically aware and active and the one that are mostly left. Students don't typically talk about their wages.


They are very smart and fashion.