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What should every freshman at Universidad Politecnica de Puerto Rico know before they start?


I will say to me: Keylian when you get to college there will be so many options, but you have to be sure that the one you choose it is the right one. You have to choose a career that you enjoy and do not put limits on yourself. There is nothing imposible, if you want to study in the Polytechnic University, you can do it. No matter the money, you will always find it, because there will be so many people that will help you in your studies and in your career. Don't give up ever! And never look back, because you have to stay in your way to be the person that you always dream on. I'm sure that you will be the best Industrial Engineer that PR could have. You will make it no matter how many loans you have to make, but there is always the help. Ok? Just be yourself and no matter how many rocks are in your way, you will kick them away and will become a great annd smart student and proffesional.