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Describe the students at your school.


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I couldn't have asked for better classmates, the girls in my major (there are only about two boys) are exactly like me and I made instant friends with them, when choosing a major I found that people in my chosen major have the same personality which usually happens, people with certain personalities gravitate towards the same major.


My classmates at the University at Buffalo come from vastly different backgrounds, but are almost entirely united in the pursuit of academic excellence, as well as the pursuit of lasting comraderie.


My classmates are extremely studious.


My classmates come from all different parts of the world; some from down the street, some across the country, some accross the world.


My classmates were very friendly. Everyone is helpful if you have any questions or concerns regarding course material. The majority of the time your really just trying to focus on the lectures, but if I was ever unsure of professor expectations my classmates were a valuable resource.


Classmates are engaged in learning, although there are also many who slack off or don't take the professor seriously.


There are so many students and professors that span the state, country and the world here at UB. They come from every kind of religous background and ethnicity and no one will really feel out of place and if by some off chance that you do because you haven't met someone yet there is a club for it, whatever it is! Politics, health, religion, sports, hobbies,LGBT,everything!. Many people are open minded and friendly, especially as freshman. In the freshman courses you are mixed in with all types of majors and people so making friends with a diverse group is definitely possible. As you get more into your major it is harder to meet people of other majors because the classes you will be taking will have student with the same major but that is not to say you can not take other classes that are not part of your major for fun, it may lead to a minor and definitely to a more well rounded person.


They are very laid back.


My classmates are unfocused in class and frequently text messaging, especially in large lecture halls.


My classmates seem eager to learn and be in school just as I am.


Just worried about getting out of class early and then going to a party or the bar.


I have a large variety of classmates which could be described as studious, fun, friendly, lazy, interesting, active, determined, nice, diverse and most of all there are so many of them that are great that they're the kind of people you never forget.


Classmates at Buffalo were diverse in culture, beliefs, life styles and study habits.


The classmates at SUNY @ Buffalo are a mix of motivated, determined people and unique, creative students looking for an outlet for their individual talents.


There are usually a lof students in my class and there is a wide range of ethnicity between them.


So far my classmates are very friendly but because I am shy it will take a while for me to make friends. Never be too shy to approach new people and make friends. This is what I learned as a transfer student.


Here at the University at Buffalo, I am surrounded by students who are dedicated to their school work and remain focused in order to reach their goals.


They are students of unity where ideas, theorys, questions, and suggestions are held together with the collective bond that education is more than common routine, but a lifelong experience.


My classmates are very diverse, they are from all over, but mainly from new york city.


Very Different, culturally diverse.


My classmates are very diverse.


They get their work done.


they are not accepting to people who do not fit into social sterotypes.


They are friendly and willing to help as long as it benefits them at the end as well.


All my classmates are always willing to help out.


Multi-ethnic and most are passionate about the things they love.


Diverse, interesting, and active student body.


very competitive enthusiastic students.


Out spoken.


they are very competitive


Everyone is diverse and open-minded.


Half of the student body is driven to perform and the other half is obviously not.


Very mixed. Some don't care at all, some try very hard, some just get by.


loud and abnoxious


My classmates are inteligent and interesting


The future succesors of America.


Extremely diverse group of individuals.


Pretty silent during class, mostly focused on trying to get a good grade with minimum effort- college kids, you know?


Very friendly and helpful, but competitive.


I think that the majority of the student here at my school are very welcoming and open-minded and willing to help one aother which makes this a very friendly and loveable atmosphere.


Very diverse, hard working, easy going


My classmates come from a variety of different backgrounds, generally have a positve attitude about academia, and beleive having a healthy social life is important to the overall quality of college life.


My classmates are all over the spectrum because there are so many people attending there. The majority of my classmates are hard workers, while others maintain grades needed but don't strive or dont feel the need to excel. My classmates are also very friendly and I'm glad I have gotten to know them.

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