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UB is a rare gem in the heart of the City of Light. Along with its rich history, UB carries with its name, the strong, forward thinkers of medicine (Wilson Greatbatch--creator of the pacemaker), poetics and literature (Poet Laureate Robert Creeley), film (Harvey Weinstein--producer/director), journalism (Wolf Blitzer), and business (Jeremy Jacobs--Delaware North and owner of the Boston Bruins) to name a very few. Also, having three campuses, and international economic, political, and financial affiliations, UB's reach is not merely domestic, but instead a major global connector for the 21st century.


SUNY Buffalo is a large school with an extrememly diverse population. This allows for a unique experience where you can learn from other students from countries all over the world and develop friendships you cannot find anywhere else. The city of Buffalo is also located right next door to Canada, opening a whole nother door of another country's culture. UB is a fantastic school with highly educated staff and an excellent academic program for any and every student.


It is a very large university compared to others in the Buffalo area. There are more students here than at any othe nearby college. There are two campuses, which one you attend depends on your major.


It offers a lot to students and is cheap.


very research oriented and diverse.


Compared to other schools I have applied too UB offered me a combination program in the heath and human services field.


UB is unique in the fact that although it is a large univrsity, its fairly compact and easily accessable. In other words you don't have to be a marathon runner to get to each of your classes. It is also very involved with th community, like when I was dancing they opened their doors so that our small school could actually perform on stage. For me its especially unique since I have been visiting the school since I was a toddler. My brother even attended dome classes as a fetus.


My school offers varieties of research opportunities for students to volunteer or as a credit for their major. There are varities of volunteering programs for students related to their major. This is a good opportunity for students to interact with other professors in each field of department. Research helps students to prepare for their future and gives them the opportunity to explore their major.


UB has so many ways to get involved in the community. After classes and studying you can see a movie, play games, do research, go out to dinner or whatever you want without having to leave campus. I wasn't sure of what major I wanted but UB helped me decide durring their open house.


It's snowy.


The University at Buffalo biggest plus side is the cultural-diversity. You never feel like a minority because there is so much diversity in the University population.


My school was unique compared to other schools I considered in the breadth of its diversity. SUNY at Buffalo has a very diverse student body and faculty--racially and personality-wise. The school also has a wide range of academic programs and extracurricular activities. The other schools I looked into simply could not compete with UB's overall heterogeneity. While a narrower, more focused school might be better for some students, for me, the options gave me the freedom to explore and find myself.


This school provides a high level of education compared to the cost.


UB allows me to pursue Engineering in a hands on direct approach. We are able to be on the leading edge of research and inovations that is truly exciting to be a part of. This is possible at Buffalo and not other schools because of its large size and dedicated faculty.


The school is very large, so it feels like it's a small city itself. There's a transportation system, hundreds of clubs, and tons of places to eat. There is always something to do and some place to go. Plus, there are so many people that you are bound to fit in somewhere. The other schools I considered were part of a big city, while UB seemed to stand out on its own.


Honestly, I picked this school because it has the best Nursing program of all the SUNY schools, and thats all my family could afford.


Very huge school, very diverse, research based.


The University at Buffalo offers outstanding programs such as Dental, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Law, etc. Although schools like NYU and Columbia offers great programs as well, it is not as affordable as the University at Buffalo.


It is ethnically diverse. I love the fact that I can interact with all races and everyone is open to new things.


What's unique about my school is how open and diverse it is. It really draws people to the campus; what it promises, it definitely delivers.


The people, I have to say i come from a place where the only African Americans and some Hispanics. The diversity here is amazing i love it, people no one looks at your skin tone its about you ther person!!


There is a very diverse school with a large student population. There are enough things going on and different organizations for everyone to feel like they fit in and belong.


It's unizue in that it was far from home and I would allow myself to learn to live on my own.


The environment is very unique because it is a self contained unit and functions like a miniature city.


Diversity if probably the most unique quality UB has to offer. I am from a very small town in the middle of New York and I was looking to broaden my horizons. The other schools I was accepted to were not nearly as diverse.


The diversity of classes and people make UB quite unique. There are a myriad of opportunities to expose one's self to a different culture at UB, and courses are taught by a diverse faculty; this is nice to get a different perspective on the world. Also, UB is technology-savvy....I really enjoyed this and appreciate it more now that I'm in a small graduate program that does not have the same technology.


What makes the University at Buffalo unique is that it is devided into two seperate campuses. The origional campus is not very lively but much more asthetically pleasing. The new campus, where undergrads spend most of their time, was built to be riot proof so you can imagine how ugly it is. Other than that I don not believe this school is very unique at all, and neither are the people.


The campus itself. The way the buidlings reflect the programming inside, and the architecture department.


A very diverse school with many different fields. An enclosed friendly enviroment where everyone is treated like family.


the racial diversity at this school is very unique. people from all over the world come to UB.


What I find unique is the diversity of students and the unlimited amount of sources a student can turn to for help in any aspect of life.


the architecture school is pretty good


it is close to the City of Buffalo which has access to a theatre, bar-life, art district ect.


It is very research based as well as having a medical school. It also has several libraries as well as hundreds of great clubs.


SUNY Buffalo has a very diverse campus life and is not in the middle of nowhere. Instead of being snowed in during a storm, you can find programs and activities to do while other schools may not have the same privledge.


SUNY at Buffalo has two huge campuses that offers a wide range of majors. Because the school is so big, the students come from all different backgrounds and are diverse.


Given that I attended another university during the spring 08 semester after which I returned to SUNY at Buffalo, I can gladly say that SUNY at Buffalo is unique in the way in which it engages students' interests both academically and socially.


It is a big school that allows you to really become part of a community within the school. There is a great sense of community within the departments which makes each student feel a sense of ease and comfort despite the large campus and vast amount of people. There is something for everyone here and a place for everyone to feel at home!


There is an amazing art program, and everything about it is great.


WE have over 180 student run clubs, the student government is very active and there is always something going on, whether it be a Division1 sporting event or a free concert, UB always has something for everyone


We have a huge amount of international students, so many extracurriculars and special events are involved in different cultural exhibits, making the campus itself very colorful and much more interesting. a good amount of the students here are creative and intelligent and its easy to find someone you can relate to, because the school itself is so big that there are all kinds or personalities and ethnicities for you to interact with. Other schools don't have such a strong base of intercultural students, iI find the social environment much less fun and open minded than at my school.

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