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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Some of the most popular organizations are the Sororities and Fraternities. When walking through the student union its very likely to see someone representing their group. Joining clubs and organizations is one of the best ways to get involved. Its not the most important but its a great way to meet people. We also have fall fest and spring fest where different artist come to perform. Students always come out and enjoy themselves. We always have the hottest artist out come to perform at UB.


There is literally hundreds of activities and groups here and with the large amount of students I do no know what is more popular. There is literally a club or activity for everything you could imagine that spans personal interest, professional interest or just to enjoy some time away from studying. Greek life is probably one of the most popular things in any college campus however, I am not part of the greeks. Another popular thing here at UB is athletics especially since we are a Division 1 school. Sporting events are so large and a TON of fun with tailgate parties, free food, giveaways, face paint and school spirit. Some of the organizations and activities I am part of include Association of Pre-medical Students, Pre-med without borders, Combined Martial arts club, Residential Fitness, National society of Collegiate scholars, Chemistry club, schussmeisters (ski club) and sky diving club. Yes a lot of them are academic but there are clubs such as the equestrian club, Dance Dance revolution club, a student association for many ethnicities . If a club is not something you think you are ready to do when you first get to collage UB does multiple activities every month that are free to all students. They normally have some kind of theme that revolve around an issue, holiday, or even just a "wellness" theme. These events have free food, arts and crafts, or even cooler stuff like a mechanical bull, carnival rides, helicopter, or air balloon rides.

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