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What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The class size. My smallest class last semester held 250 students. i felt like some of the professors were just there to read the notes they had prepared and leave. i would sit in the lectures and look around to see some of the students on their phones or surfing the web on thier computers and the professors didnt care one way or the other.


The worst thing about UB would be the weather. Walking from the dorms to class in freezing snow is not something you will ever get used to. I always have to make sure to have on plenty of layers.


Although I am generally a fan of the large size of my school, it can also lead to issues, such as certain professors showing apathy towards student success.


Advisors. Sometimes they don't know what they are doing. They don't guide you to the right path that you need. They just feel obligated because it's their job. They need to hire better advisors who enjoy helping students and making it their passion.


Some professors could be inconsistent with classroom performance. Out of several professors, I might have had 2 or 3 professors that showed a lack of interest in maintaining, assisting, and properly assessing student work.


I can't think of anything that I would consider not liking about my school.


There isn't really anyone that hovers over you, unless a great professor takes to you, to make sure you are signing up for the courses you need to graduate and compliment your major - this can be hard for people that are undecided in the first two years. There isn't much information readily available about internships or scholarships. If you want to meet people, you really have to join clubs, but there wasn't much information about when or where they meet. With very thing built up, it is not a particularly pretty campus. On-campus housing is scarce.


The worst thing I consider is the fact that because we are located further upstate, winters get really bad. Due to expected amounts of snow, a lot of times school is not cancelled.


not enough asians, why because they are so smart.


The worst thing about this school is probably commuting in the cold weather and snow. Most classes are in the Northern Campus and to travel up to them and get there on time is brutal. The shuttle buses start to run even slower then before so waking up early enough to catch it is a given.


Since the school was located in upstate NY the winters were harsh. In the four years I attended classes were cancelled once because professors from Canada could not make it over the Peace Bridge. In the dorms there was a special key that was required to change the heat settings. Without the key most people left all of the windows open in the middle of winter. Even if you were lucky enough to own a key or get one from a neighbor rommates always fought over temperatures. Relatively speaking the University was a good school that provided a great eduacation.


The helpfulness of the staff with regards to registration. You are assigned an advisor to help you plan out your semesters, however they are always hard to get a hold of. They really didn't give you advise and many people found themselves short credits when it came time for graduation.


The campus. It is not a good looking campus, and it outdated.


The definite down-side of the University at Buffalo is how large the classes are. For larger majors it is almost impossible to get to know your classmates and professors which becomes hard when it comes time to get Letters of Recommendations. You need to make sure to seek out professors in order to obtain references.


Because UB focuses on the sciences, other departments are lacking and are often even cut in the name of scientific advancement. Also, UB is a big drinking school; there are always parties not only off campus but also on campus in the dorms!


The only bad thing I can say about my school is its large size. Because of its size, it can seem very overwhelming to new students...but within only a month or so you can easily find your way around and you realize the benefits as well as the downfalls of its size. As far as ones social life goes at University at Buffalo, there are several ways to become involved in a community, whether it's joining a club, getting involved in residential life, meeting people through classes. You just have to be open-minded and learn from diversity.


it is so far from where I live and there are no dorm rooms open yet so I have to drive an hour each way so I try to get my classes all on as few days as possible


The worst thing about the school would just be the ice cold weather. The wind hits your face with tiny snow trying to pierce in to your school. The heavy winds hurt your face a lot! But other than that attending SUNY at Buffalo will be one of my greatest academic experiences!


Its size can also be a detriment. While it creates lots of oppurtunitys it also makes it very easy to become lost physically and mentally. The large cement campus creates a feeling of coldness and it can be rather difficult running into friends.


Sometimes the size and amount of people at my school is frusterating. Resources like library computers are hard to get at certain times. Also, some classes that are required and give video lectures aren't very helpful.


My school is a little to big, which makes it a little hard to get to know people and its a little "cold." Also, it snows/rains ALL THE TIME.


the area where the school is located, not close to alot of places especially for students dorming.


How insignificant you feel in such a big class.


The worst thing about this school would probable be the job freeze on campus. The economic recession has hit the university pretty bad, so there have been some cut backs in the form of job oppurtunities. It also limits the amount of scholarships that the university can offer to it's students who for the majority of them are hard working people in the classroom and out of the classroom.


Students do not get enough personal attention from their proffesors. The food is awful. Many of the proffesors are difficult to understand due to language barriers.


large size class room environment, it made interaction harder with professors.


Weather Sometimes the professors Time of courses


Some of the grading of some professors are unfair... And the bathrooms are always out of toilet paper lol


The parking! There are way too many students for the spots here, and they allow everyone to have cars. There are almost accidents daily, and you have to arrive up to 40 minutes early to wait and stalk someone for a spot.


really cold.


I would have to say that the weather can be a bit difficult to handle in Buffalo, especially if one is not from the Upstate NY area (or somewhere where they've experienced Buffalo winters). The weather is pretty grey most days - don't see much sunshine!


boring, lonely, fun, lot of work, too cold, everything costly


the weather...but it's not the schools fault.


The Separation of the Campuses


The overuse of class interns, the professors should teach more. I have been dissappointed with some of the usual and boring teaching skills.


Everything goes too fast. Limited available of courses per semester


Not enough study area for students, especially during exams period.


I consider the grading of final exams the worst part because there is never any explanation of your final exams.


the food.


The worst thing about this school is the flexibility of the meal plan because there is no lunch, just breakfast and dinner.


The classes are really big and it takes time getting used to them if you come from a small town such as I did.


Probably the wind. It's extremely windy around the buildings in the winter, and it always feels like the wind is blowing at my face instead of my back.


You can't use a meal from your meal plan for lunch.


Being such a big school, it is a bit harder to fit into one specific group than it would be at a smaller school.


Weather, quality of some facilities, too many distractions from academics.


Diversity. I grew up in a mostly white, middle class town and had little interaction with other races. I had high hopes for UB when I heard it was so diverse to make new friends of various cultures and backgrounds but instead felt quite out of place when approaching them. Individuals seem fine, just not overly enthusiastic to meet diverse people, but the Student Assosiation clubs for ethnic groups is very closed and feels very unwelcoming to those looking to learn of that culture.


Not diverse enough




The worst thing about our school is the size of our classes. It is because it is a state university,but our faculty tries their best to interact with the students directly or through assistant teachers.


The size of the school is very big and I felt overwhelmed at times. It is also extremely difficult to find a parking spot.

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