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What is your overall opinion of this school?


UB is great. It's a big school with a lot going on, and yet you can find a place and people to fit in with easily. Personally I came for the weather, but I stayed for the teachers. I can name my top 5 professors, and they come from 4 different departments. I have had trouble switching from class to class, sometimes just to get a chance to be taught by a good professor. I would change the meal plan design, though in the 4 years I've attended UB, the options have gotten better. The food hasn't changed much, but that is fine by me, I enjoyed it and didn't go hungry, though I do have some friends who would like some better tasting food. I would also maybe want to move all of UB to a different location. Buffalo is nice and UB is great, but it is more or less cut off from other areas, and short term travel is difficult. There is definitely school pride, and not just for UB but also for departments. School pride as a collective can be seen at sporting events and at distinguished speaker series events. The attendance does dwindle when there isn't a winning season, but there are still a few die-hards that will go to most all home games and even organize transportation to away games. But I've talked with engineer students, theatre students, exercise students, business school, law school, and plenty of others, and in general, the most often complaint isn't the professors, the course load, but that their friends didn't get into the program and they wish they could have joined them. One of my good friends I met at UB was in his junior year, and was in an anthropology program, and took a class on dissection of chimps, through a different school. It is so convenient that a student can take a class outside their program and explore other areas of study. This is usually attempted by having students taking general requirements at colleges, but at UB I and other students actively look to other programs to get a look into other worlds. There are definitely no worries about it being too cold out or too snowy or windy, specifically on north campus. The buildings are connected, and you don't have to step outside to get from class to class.


The best thing about UB is the diversity on campus. There are so many different backgrounds and although it may seem like a cultural group only interacts with themselves, everyone interacts with each other. I would advise not to be intimidated by the size of the school because even with the largest classes the professor and undergraduate TA's make themselves available to you and want to see succeed. UB is a great University and i highly recommend it to anyone looking to further their education. The tuition is reasonable and you pay for a great education.

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