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What kind of person should attend this school?


University at Buffalo is a research school therefore it is an excellent choice for students who are looking to do research at any level of their college career. The facilities, especially those catering to the science are also very good, providing a productive environment for students. The school also has a large and diverse student population which exposes students to many different people and cultures. However, since the school is quite large, students should make a great effort to attend their professor's office hours. This can be beneficial as you are given that one on one treatment.


A person who is confident in their background who wants to obtain that bachelors degree. A person who strives to learn not just for that A or B but for the sake of learning as well.


Incoming students need to be motivated, independent and have good time management skill to do well at UB. The classes can be difficult and very demanding; although the professors are always avaiable to help, to be successful you need to be able to keep yourself on track and stay focus. The classes here can be anywhere from 40-400 students, so incoming students that need more one on one attention should consider a different school. UB offers many different adantages to students, there are top research labs and networks or working professionals, so internships and research experience is available too!


In my opinion UB is a very open university.; accepting all sorts of people. If one does select UB as their school, they should be ready to work hard, and to be be known by many the professors. This school is for the inquisitive mind, and prefers interaction in classes. Buffalo isn't the most friendly of cities but once the student knows their way around, it's not too bad.


This is a commuter campus mostly, so be prepared to rent off-campus. Since it is a big school that's trying to become bigger, you need to be independent and have motivation to push yourself forward and stay on-track. You have the chance to keep your options open with so many majors, but if you don't pick something and stick with it, you could stay in the system and never make it out. You have to be a go-getter to do the research about what jobs/career you can get with your major.


A hard working student who can balance studying and their sociaal life. Someone interested in learning new things and who is able to keep up with loads of work.


A person who loves to be involved in any way possible at their school. There is a major for anyone here. Also anyone who likes a lot of snow.


Students who enjoy large places and lots of people. There is an overwhelming amount of students at UB but it can be fun to be able to meet so many new people.


Someone eager


Someone interested in a major which requires or values research, there are a lot of oppurtunities here.




Anyone. That is to say University at Buffalo is a great place where people of any background to feel comfortable learning among other students of different ages, race, and sex. This allows for an open-minded, unbias atmoshpere where the only barriers or restrictions to learn are those set by oneself. Therefore any student can excell beyond limits and achieve their goals .


UB is great for anyone who does not know exactly what they want to major in. It is inexpensive enough that students do not feel bad about taking a class to see if it is an area that they may be interested in. UB has great engineering and science programs as well.


An openminded, friendly person looking for a good time and education


There are a lot of different kinds of people who attend this school. As long as someone does not depend on a lot of things going on all the time, they will be fine. There is always something going on, just have to look for it.


someone who is open to a change, who works hard and doesn't mind big classes


An open minded person who is not afraid of a large school with lots of people.


A perfect candidate for this is university is an individual that requires flexibility but does not want to compromise their education. Attending this university in this capacity requires an individual who is committed to working autonomously as well as collaboratively.


a person who is focused on a career in teaching or the arts


UB is a big school. The only people that wouldn't like UB are people that like really small schools. A big school is not for everybody. Some people would feel like "just another student" at a big school, and would prefer a small school. UB is good for everyone else, though. UB has a very wide range of majors. You can't go wrong at UB.


University at buffalo is a large, busy campus with lots of research and career opportunities. I would reccomend this school to individuals who can handle a (sometimes) stressful environment and who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare or research. Individuals who are interested should be independant, driven, focused, and goal oriented. They should also have the ability to make friends easily and like diversity.


A person who wants to give back to their community by getting their education in Buffalo


Someone who is looking to be a diverse environment but have the opportunity to be with people of their own kind. Someone who wants to learn but also likes to have a good time.


Someone who is outgoing and loves to party.


Any type of person should attend this school. If you want to learn, get an amazing education, become "well rounded", and still be able to afford everything, the University at Buffalo is the school for you.


Someone who enjoys being in large classes and meeting new people who are ethnically diverse. Also the person should be ready to have to teach themselves a little in the classes because they are so big, but there are teaching assitants who can help too.


an open minded person, willing to learn and meet new and diverse people. this school is all about opportunity so some one willing to experience life.


This school has something for everyone as far a clubs and general acceptance within social groups. Must be prepared to self motivate and deal with a large university atmosphere.


Students who enjoy a big campus and the city.


This school is great for everyone! They can't be afraid of a CITY though.


I think this is a great place for someone who doesn't know what they want to do with their life yet because of the tremendous variety of programs available, and the quality of them. You can explore almost any field of study here. Furthermore the advising staff is outstanding at helping with issues related to life decisions.


I don't know any one.


Any student who is self motivated can do well here.


Open minded, sociable people who prefer larger university with large classes and plenty of opportunities to meet people who are either exactly like you or completely different.


Some one who is willing to study long hours and not have everything handed to them academically.


A person who is interested in a science based career like becoming a doctor, dentist, scientist, pharmacist....etc


Some one with a strong ability to focus, because classes are too large to deal directly with professors on a personal level.


Everyone should atten my school. It is the best and I would encourage everyone and anyone to apply.


Someone who is focused and knows what they want to do. The right person for this school welcomes diversity and enjoys an academic setting with a very large population.


A person that likes the cold, windy weather.


A person who is open minded with a thirst for knowledge.


people who like big schools


Someone who want's a social life and a quality education.


A person should attend this school if they enjoy being part of a large crowd, but is still able to fit into a smaller group. Somebody should come to this school if they are able to push themselves, instead of having to be pushed by professors because it is such a large school.


Someone who is a democratic/liberal


The school is an open spirit school, which can support all types of people


Any kind of person who wants become something in their life and who is ready to hardwork.If you work hard you can gain a lot of things from this university.


someone who is very passionate about the career goals that they have for themselves because this school as so much to offer to students.


somebody who likes to go out, have fun, meet alot of people, and learn. If you don't mind a couple big lectures and not knowing your professors that closely, but still want to get a good education UB is a good choice

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