University at Buffalo Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Both the level of diversity on campus and the professional and personal connections a student can make with his/her professors are the two most integral parts of the University at Buffalo experience. As a world-class university, UB offers every student a chance to create a unique, educational setting for every need. With professors of diverse backgrounds and interests, the student will find himself/herself with a professional who has similar educational pursuits. Furthermore, campus life is rich and allows the student to find his/her niche among the several thousands of other students looking for a similar experience.


I love the balance of dormers and commuters. Being a commuter I was afraid of missing out on a lot because all of my friends would be on campus together all the time not having to worry about a job or family life. In reality, most of my friends are commuters and my dorm friends are really friendly, we all get along well and it is nice to be able to do off campus activities so easily


Diversity. Even though this school is primarily caucasians, no matter where you look, you are always able to find someone of a different background.


The reputation of the professors encourages them to create a more difficult criteria which allows the students to learn more.


The best thing about the school was the diversity


The best thing about the campus would have to be the level of ethnic and regional diversity, there are students from all corners of the world and all kinds of backgrounds.


The students are friendly and it is easy to meet people.


The university brings in many speakers that are world renowned to talk to the students and give large lectures. They usually give free tickets to these events to undergrads. It is such a variety of people from stephen colbert to the dhali lama to arnold schwarzenger that there is a lecture for everyone. These are opportunities that many will never get the chance to experience again.


I'm part of greek life at my school and it was the best decision i have ever made. It has made my school seem smaller and more friendly and has provided a great support system for me.


The school spirit. True Blue (school spirit club) tried to get everyone to major events and all sports.


The academic standard and the faculty. UB is a research institute, which means the professors are really dedicated to the subjects they're teaching. They also expect you to do well in their classes, which gives hardworking and ambitious students a great environment for learning.


The diversity and technology.


the amount of kids and the resources too, its nice to meet so many people.


One of the major highlights of my program is that it was offered in the evening. I was able to work full time, take care of my family as well as finish my undergraduate program. It allowed, what seemed like an impossibility; possible. Furthermore. i recieved quality education that laid a foundation for my future educational and professional goals.


The best thing about my school is the people who attend here. It's such a great place to meet new and interesting people.


It is a big school with lots of options. UB always has something fun to do, as well as different workshops happening often. There are plenty of libraries and labs around campus. There are "the Commons" were you can spend campus cash, and the "Student Union" where people hang out, do homework and eat all day. There is always something happening in the "Student Union". UB is like a small city.


That it is located in the suburbs, but close to the city. Lots to do here!


The best thing about the school is the smount of people that are there to speak with. Students and professors and from all over the world.




diversity. it is a very diversed university.


Big Some good professors Intern positions Food court


no matter what you are interested in, ther is a club, team, interest group, or following for it, and if there isn't it isnt hard to start one on your own. I was able to find a club related to all of my interests and am rarely bored or feel like there is nothing to do.


diversity. It's been really great getting to meet so many students from so many different cultures.


The best thing about the school is that some of the classes are taught by professionals from the field.


The many internship, research, and employment opportunities available on campus and academic help for low income and minority students.


The best thing about my school is the libraries. There are a number to choose from, if you want to study in a large group, or just be by yourself in a quote, relaxed environment. You could sit and work in any library without anyone bothering you.


The University had a very diverse population of students and faculty members. This really made for a wonderful experience and allowed people to interact with individuals with all sorts of different perspectives and ideas. Additionally, this University provided many wonderful opportunities to further your education and prepare you for the world after college.


The people. They are all unique and interesting and come from every imaginable background.


The extremely diverse Faculty and student poulation


How cheap it is compared to the amount of education you recieve back. I pay a SUNY tuition and get a lot more back from my school.


the many lybrary's


The athletic facilities.


I think there is a really strong emphasis on academics at this school. I can always find a friend who wants to go to the library to study with me, and when I do go to the library there are always many other students studying too. Most people are goal-oriented and really focused on their future.


The opportunities that are available their. UB opens up so many opportunities to its students; Classes, Research, Community Involvment, Jobs, Life long friendships, Learning, Talented Professors, Tutoring, Financial assistance, Free transportation and much more. I feel that chosing to attend UB was the best decision of my life. I feel that it has opened so many doors of opportunities and has done such an amazing job preparing me for life after college. UB college of possibilities and opportunities


The registration process and the way the acedemic buildings are set up are both very useful to students. It is easy to register for the classes you need and want, and then it is easy to find those classes and get around on campus.


Learning is easy with all of the handon activities and assignments. If you do the work it's easy to pass the classes.


SUNY Buffalo campus has so much to offer, more than you know what to do with it. The best thing is the campus life. If you are a motivated individual who looks for things to keep yourself busy,outside schoolwork, you will find it.


I love UB because I have become a very well-rounded student since I've enrolled. Since there is a high level of diversity here I am exposed to so many new ideas and beliefs about life and I have become more open and accepting as a person because of that. I look forward to waking up every morning because I am confident that I will be surrounded by a positive environment and there is always an opportunity to learn something new.


There are a wide variety of options academically.


The level of details the materials covered go into are definitey a strong side of this school. For undergraduate programs, many subject and sub-subjects are covered.




I love how when I first got there for my dance audition in the middle of winter, and it was freezing cold, and covered in snow, I felt at home. When I returned in the fall, and it was warm, green and buzzing with life, it still felt that way.

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