University of Advancing Technology Top Questions

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This is a small school that gives degrees in a limited number of areas related to computer technology (game development/design, network security, etc.). This means that most classes are relatively small with good student-professor ratios, and most classes are project-based which is a terrific way to learn.


UAT is a unique school because it's a very technology focused school.


One thing that's unique about the school is the fact that they bring in industry professionals twice a year for Tech Forum. They give presentations and actually talk to the students. This allows for networking, a direction to head in, and an oppurtunity you would normally have to pay a large amount to get.


The University of Advancing Technology is one of the only universities in the country that strictly focuses on technology and where its headed. UAT offers its students the opportunity to grow in an environment that caters to their technological needs. The small class sizes allow students to be hands on with their instructors, which in turn gives the student a better opportunity to better themselves in their field. Above all, UAT students have a 98% chance of getting a job within 6 months of leaving the school. That is a statistic that would draw any student in.


The community is very small and connected, it's like a family. You get to know most of the school by a first name basis . Most of the classes are pretty compact, so you get a lot of time with the professor. Also, many students that go to this particular school have a passion that you cannot find many other places.


Perhaps the most distinguishing aspect of UAT is its strict technological focus. While it offers general education courses to fulfill accreditation requirements, that is not the key objective of the school's learning goals. Students go to UAT specifically because they are after cutting-edge tech-related fields and the school delivers like few others can.


Completely technology based, everything from English to History is centered around new technology. A computer school too the bone, everyone who was out of place back in high school for being a computer person will feel part of the group here. Almost every teacher is from industry, witha collection that are still in industry and just teach some on the sides.


I think the most unique thing has to be that everyone in the school loves to be creative. I enjoy being surrounded by those that are aiming for the same degree or area of work.