University of Advancing Technology Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


After attending UAT for a semester I've found something's to be frustrating, but the most frustrating of them all is the online shells. Unlike my high school teachers, UAT professors rely heavily on giving instruction through the web. They do it very well for the most part, but I'm so used to receiving instruction in class. I'm the type of person that second guesses themselves, so not having the teacher right in front of me for reassurance was a big deal. I wasn't quite ready for the self reliance that UAT puts on students.


In terms of frustration, some general education assignments can be frustrating. The English 101 class is a great example of this (Composition I). Many assignments seem as if they would belong in a Middle School setting. It is frustrating to have to write an essay on one's name when one is paying $9600+ a semester in tuition. Assignments should challenge the student, or at least possess some higher educational value.


I dislike the staff, teachers, and students. Financial aid is far too minimal. It is too expensive and tuition is constantly rising while nothing is improved. Teachers have no where near as much industry experience as they should. No on is here to help, especially the staff, all of them are highly unintelligent and work far too slow and too lackadiscially to help students with anything. Work is far too easy, and most of the learning is expected to be done outside of class. Students rarely want to help each other, instead expect each other to find their own answers.


It's frustrating that they allow anyone with a large enough wallet into this school. This results in a high dropout rate and too many unmotivated students. As a geek, you will love most of the students and staff. But there is a clear divide between those who come to play games, and those who come to make them.