University of Advancing Technology Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about the University of Advancing Technology is the amount of experience that you acquire while going there. They offer many majors that all revolve around technology, which is beneficial in our world today. You are required to have a certain amount of internship hours before you graduate, which helps when you go to get a job in your field.


The main reason I wish to attend this university due the course that they provide, which in my case is Game Programming.


The best thing about UAT is the atmosphere. Everyone at the school is into technology and video games, and it's a great way for people to get to know eachother. There are many different ways to get involved around the school to meet new people with the same interests and its great. Clubs, student government, LAN parties, Founders Hall events, school events, and many more are all set up for students to get to know eachother and get to learn more about what they're really interested in.


The best thing is how small it is. Everything you need is right there and although I admit my first semester was a big change from high school, I think it was good for helping me figure out how to be more responsible for myself. At a bigger school I think I would have been more distracted.


The best thing about the school is how focused it is on technology and video games. With the focus, you get a certain type of person that's likely to come. So instead of being one of the outcasts, you have so many like minded people that you can make friends with and work with.


In my opinion, UAT's best feature is the numerous clubs that students have begun. There is a club for nearly every game type, as well as numerous clubs dedicated to other interests that most geeks share (e.g. Anime, Martial Arts, Movies, Nerf Wars). The attitude is always positive and uplifting, and each club does its part to create a feeling of community within the school. Anyone interested in technology can find their own niche within UAT, complete with friends and social activies around the campus.


The ability to quickly grasp emergent technology and apply the concepts directly taught in class directly to my chosen career.