University of Akron Main Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My School is a beautiful, well-organized, education focused college that includes a positive enviroment.


UA has very kind faulty members and studnets on and off campus.


It's full of people who want to help you succeed but you just have to find them.


One of the most fun, updated, and involved campuses I've seen.


A very good urban college


I am currently attending Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. This university offers many lucrative opportunites for student advancement and scholarly employment. Case Western promotes and encourages research in technology, medicine and other dispiclines. The nursing school is at the forefront of nursing education. The professional educators in the nursing programs are very competent, experienced and professional. The instructos have made me feel very comfortable. They are supportive and encouraging. They are always available and willing to assist whenever needed. They want me to succeed as much as I do.


Even though The University of may seem big at first, it really feels like home after a short time.


The University of Akron is very focused on student success and provided many options for all types of students.


To someone who's never seen it, Akron may sound like a very unclean campus. However, there are plenty of open areas to sit in the sun and relax with friends in your free time. The soccer, football, track, baseball, softball, and basketball athletic facilities are on the south end of campus, with most of the housing and others located in the north quad. Plenty of walkways make it easy to travel from one side of campus to the other in less than fifteen minutes. Just because it's in the middle of a major city doesn't mean that Akron can't have a nice homely feeling to its students.


Striaght to the point of getting your degree.


Ubeat and focused on what is important.


the university of aron will lead you with academic success.


University of Akron offers the best in career development alongside education and the diverse student body let's you meet all kinds of new and exciting people.


A good sized university with many opportunities to succeed and excel in whatever you want to do.


The University of Akron is a place where professors are wiling to help students succeed to their maximum potiential, and there are many variety of social activities that a student can choose to get involved in to make his/her college experience the best possible.


A great diverse place to learn.


My other home away from home that is challenging, uniquely designed just for me, knowledgeable, spontaneous experience and safe.


The University of Akron is a large compartmentalized campus with knowledgeable professors who are often willing to go above and beyond to help students succeed.


My school is very student oriented.


My school has some great opportunities for service, growth and accomplishment.


The University of Akron is a college dedicated to helping each and every one obtain goals and strive to be someone one day.


My school has strong directicve, wether it be full time concintrating on work or some time off to relax, it has what you need to get it done.


The University of Akron consists of a diverse enthusiasic community that helps students individually with their future goals and brightens the future of all.


The University of Akron is a great place to further your education.


Akron is all about education, getting a career you love, school spirit, and getting involved in the school and community.


Home of the the Akron Zips and at the forefront of polymer studies.


It'd a decently sized school thats passionate about sports and academics.


The University of Akron is one of the best colleges and is giving the best education to complete my major.


The University of Akron has many opportunities to advance your career or to enter into a new field of study whatever your interests may be.


stimulating the mind and allowing for opinion, also helpful and encouraging to be yourself.


A great university that continues to improve its campus so students will have a beautiful learing environment.


My school is a very nice place but professors and advisors are very disorganized.


Akron U. is a very clean, beautiful campus with alot to offer in academia and also recreational fun.


The school is fine for typical jobs, creativity isn't really stressed.


Akron is a pretty good school overall, but like all schools excels in some areas and somewhat lacks in others.


Fun and motivating


My school would be better if it were more academically flexible.


The University of Akron has an amazing campus with over 100 different clubs to join.


It's not perfect, but its a good school.


Amazing learning experience.