University of Akron Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at the University of Akron are happy. They are caring and they put themselves in other peoples shoes and are very helping to other students.


The students at the school were people I have went to high school with for the last 2 years


There's a wide variety of diversity at my school that were born in USA or out of the country. We even have students here from many countries and are very nice and express their culture to you.


Some party on the weekend, most I have no idea what they do outside of class.


Loving, open-minded and fun! However there are a few peope who look like they do not want to be here


My class mates are diverse and outspoken!


The University of Akron is a melting pot of race, religions, and economic status. Campus is generally accepting of all groups. Students are able to express themselves through the clothes they wear, the groups they join, and the classes they take. It would be fair to say that there are no stereotypical cliques at Akron. Financially, Akron seems to be populated my middle class students with the majority living nearby. Various programs at Akron are attended by distinct cultures but these students blend well with everyone else. For example, Akron has a superb polymer program that is demographically skewed towards Middle Eastern and Asian students.


At The University of Akron, I see every race and ethnic group all the time. There are even a wide variety of ages that attend classes. In my opinion, there is no one way to describe the type of people because there are so many different types of people there. I do not think any one type of person would feel out of place walking around campus, attending classes, eating in the Union, studying at the library, or doing anything on campus. I do think that most of the people are from Ohio and neighboring communities of Akron. Most of the people I have talked to are from nearby, however I have also talked to people that live out of state and chose to come to Akron for college. I think in the Student Union, there are different types of groups who sit with each other to eat, but there are also groups that look like they do not have a rhyme or reason to the type of people it consists of. People wear all different types of clothing, from sweats, jeans, and t-shirts to fancy, dressing up types of clothes. I think everyone has those days where they do not want to wear anything but sweats or jeans, but people do not usually care what other people are wearing, in my opinion.


I can not think of one student who would feel out of place at my school!


Students are very varied around campus. There are athletes, bookworms, artists, musicians, etc. You name it, you can definitely find it on campus. Everyone typically coexists very well, not much violence on campus. There's plenty of diversity between the races too, showing how varied the University of Akron students are.


my classmates are fun,quirky,loyal, and serious students when need be.


So far, everybody seems to be nice, but in order to make friends, an effort needs to be made.


We have a really diverse student body here at Akron. Being in a sport, I'm around athletes everyday from states like Washington, New Hampshire, New York, Florida and Texas just to name a few. Other athletic teams have brought in students from Jamaica, Sweden and Germany. There's a really good mix of different cultures, socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds here.


Students at the University of Akron are VERY diverse. No student with differing religious, racial, or social background should ever feel out of place at this school. Many students in the engineering program are foreign, as well as American. I have interacted with many of both and can say that I felt in no way awkward or threatened and am a better person from knowing these people. Many of you will make your first group of friends in the dorm and that group will most likely stick together through your college career. Those people may include every type pf personalty on the planet!


My classmates are very diverse racially, economically, socially, and so on--it make for more lively discussions and interesting viewpoints in class.


University of Akron Students are well rounded, hard working, determined individuals.


My classmates and I all share the same goal which is to learn as much as possible. We all expect the same from our teachers. We expect that our teachers hold a certain level of respect for us as students and can teach us as much as possible in the time allotted to us during the semester. When I look around in the classroom, I see a diverse group of people: old and young, different races, and coming from different backgrounds. Hopefully when we all leave college, we will all lead successful lives and have much success in our careers.


All are different.


my classmates in the myers school of art are very intellectual and have a great apreciatation of art and whos talents have much infulence in everyday media.


My classmates are diverse group of people and individuals. Ranging in race, ethnicity and backgrounds from all ove the united States. They share values and beliefs and have different ones as well.


My classmates are very studious, intelligent, and extremely hard workers.


My class mates are not very outgoing. They like to keep to themselves or within their previously established social groups which makes it hard for outsiders to get assistance from them when necessary.


I am in a learning community with 30 other people who we follow together till we graduate if we choose too. My classmates mostly keep to themselves but at times we help each other out with our education.


My classmates are incredibly smart, out spoken and eager to learn new material.


My classmates are very competitive and hardworking individuals. Unlike in highschool where everyone is very close, and would collaboratively work on a project, in college individuals tend to watch out for themself.


In my classes, no two classmates are alike.


My classmates are available and willing to work together in order for us to all achieve our common goal.


My classmates are very younger than myself. Actually, they are my childrens age . That would put them in the age of twenty something. They are very intelligent for their age and somewhat focus. I find that most of them value education more than my generation did in the eighties. Back when I was in school the military was everyones primary focuse as well as starting a family. No one was as focus on education in my ethic background generation as the young adults are today. So with that being said, I would say my classmates know what they want.


A diverse group of studeous, friendly and fun loving people, who know who they are and where they are going.


Working adults that are trying to make a better life for themselves.


My classmates bring a broad spectrum of experiences to the classroom. They are engaging, respectful, resourceful and eager to contribute to the learning environment.


I have met many people on campus and they are all different in many good ways.


My classmates like me are very excited for the future and the possiblities that our campus can bring us.


It hasn't completely hit everyone yet that the better you do in college, the better off you will be in your career.


There are two types of classmates: those who want to succeed but still struggle to get good grades and those who do not really care, they are just there to say that they got a college degree even with a C/D average.


My classmates are career oriented.


they are awesome, so funny and kind, very hard working, but make learning fun when working in groups.


The classmates are usually quiet, nothing out of the ordinary about them.....of coarse it takes alot for me to be surprised.


The students here are friendly and very helpful, especially to new students.


Most care a lot about their classwork and most want to create study groups to help each other.


Everyone is eager to learn and participates equally. We all work together to try and get the best grades that we can possibly get and help each other out in the process.




Very quiet,not to open.


most are friendly if you are willing to break the ice with them.


My classmates are friendly, down to earth, eager to learn, and willing to help.


I have a made many great friends in my classes who make great study buddies.


My classmates truly always try to help in every way possible. They don't judge you by the way you look, but by the way you are. It's a beautiful thing when you are able to make life long friends with people that you normally might not have known.


Classmates are very helpful and fantastic.


My classmates are easy to get along with and are very helpful when needed.


Lots of fun.