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Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The University of Akron is best known its Engineering department. Being located in Rubber City, UA has had many close partnerships with all of the largest rubber corporations in America. These partnerships have allowed for many incredible facilities and projects on campus. The residence organizations, the Residence Hall Programming Board and Residence Hall Council, are also very highly regarded in many national college residence groups.


Sports. The University of Akron has over 30 club sports and activities of any and all varieties. I was recently voted in as the president of the table tennis club last semester. My freshman year I just played at the recreation center and it has become a real part of my life. The traditional sports also have a large presence here. Our mens soccer team won the national championship in 2011. No matter what your interest, though, if you try out enough of these activities, you will most certainly find one that you love.


One of my favorite traditions is SpringFest. There are tons of free games, contests, food, shirts, etc. that are available for all the students. The entire weekend, typically one of the last weekends before the end of the Spring semester, is jam packed with activities, from concerts to carnival style games. And the best part is - most of it is free and easy to get to!


I would say that my school is best known for it's engineering program or law school.


Our school is best known for our soccer team. Our soccor team is ranked #2 in the nation and just recently brought home the NCAA chanpionship title.


A strong engineering department with a strong focus in Polymer science and engineering.


We best know for our engineering a polymer science programs. Also our soccer team is nationally ranked.


My school is best known for its college of business. The school has received numerous awards for its accounting, finance, and marketing degree programs. Also many of the students who graduate from the college of business receive job offers from top firms around the nation.


The University of Akron is known for many great things. One of our best known traditions is our always excellent men's soccer team. They have been MAC national champs for quiet some time. We are also known for having one of the best communication programs. The program even has its own student run tv and radio station that are ranked number one on many levels. But perhaps what The University of Akron Is really known for is our unique mascot Zippy. Zippy the kangaroo was ranked Capital Ones mascot of the year!


The University of Akron is most known for great College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering programs.


My school, being the only 4 year college in the city I believe has the best education program. The University of Akron offers free services on a variety of things from one on one tutoring to a complete recreation center with a rock climbing wall. All classes are not that big, so help from the teacher during class is always an option. A variety of sports is offered as well as other organizations like greek life and organizations that pertain to one's major.


My school is best know for its business degrees and it engineering degrees. These are both highly rated and have won awards for being excellent programs


My school is best known for growth in education, and getting people educated. They also have made available continue educational courses so anyone can take a class to better advance someone in their field of choice on something they may not had prior knowledge about. An example would be medicine or computer literacy . They offer medical technology as a course to give someone approaching the medical field a background regarding technology in medicine. This way you are made aware what the different codes in medicine are. They also offer advancement with computer technology as well. To make one more knowledgeable.


This school would be best known for its medical and engineering programs as well as its sports teams for example having the men?s soccer team become NCAA Championship finalists for 2009.


The University of Akron is best known for is it football team. The University of Akron just recently finished a new football stadium. When there?s a game the stadium is packed and the fans and players are ready to play. This is one of the reasons The University of Akron is well known.


It's not really known for anything. The biggest thing we have going for us is that LeBron James has adopted UA as his alma mater despite having never gone to college.


This school is best known for its research, high end labs, sororities/fraternities, and night life. The crime rate is fairly low. I have never felt threatned, being a woman that means a lot. The parties are not too crazy that they interfer with people who do not like to party, like me. I do commute so I cannot give too much advice about on campus living or accesibility of these services. Tuition does keep increasing and can make it hard to pay for. Scholarships are definitly needed if you want to apply to this school. Overall, it's okay.


Computer Information Systems Networking as well as a solid Engineering program.


I believe my school is best know for its graduate programs and sports.


Our school is best known for being the town Lebron James is from.


there is a great nursing program, law school, engineering program. the social side of school is very fun from house parties to going downtown with fun. the parties are really fun here.


My school is best known for its research in the polymer industry.


UA is known for engineering and business school most, but I really believe that it has awesome programs in most of the majors that it offers. I'd have to say though, because it's a big school, you get out of it what you put into it.


Our school is ranked number 1 in the state for our law program. It is also well known for its engineering and business programs.


the new stadium


internet availability, technology, engineering, business


I don't know.


Akron Univertsity is best known for the excellent professors that are around here.


The University is probably best known for its school of law.


The University of Akron is best known for its Nursing and Engineering Majors.