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We have a kangaroo as a mascot


Akron instills a feeling of communtiy with the vast number of organizations and options are limitless... Leadership opportunities that help sculpt you into a better person!


The University of Akron has a great Honors Program.


Akron is a great place to go to school and live. There's never a dull moment on campus with all the different activities they offer year round. The schooling is very good, and for a very good price compared to the other expensive schools. The University of Akron is like a home away from home for any college student, and I'm definitely glad I chose to come here. Any prospective college student should consider giving the University of Akron a good look.


The classes are not far at all to walk to, and the parking is incredibly convenient.


The University of Akron is one of the highest ranked engineering schools in the country, they also allow a co-op program so it is easier for the students of any major to find a job after college graduation. Unlike many universities I went to Akron seems like the college that is willing to extend thier welcome to commuter students. The University also has many groups and programs the students are encouraged to join which also allows for more scholarships to those students as well as other job opportunities.


The University of Akron was the only college that offered Mechanical/Polymer Engineering, which automatically gave them the upper hand. Tuition was also somewhat less expensive compared to the other Universities I have considered. In addition, I heard that the University of Akron had one of the best math and engineering departments compared to the other Universities. Lastly, you cannot beat Zippy (our mascot). In fact, Zippy won the 2009 best mascot of the country.


theres always something to do here its in the heart of Downtown akron so everything is also walking distance. I love it.


All the teachers want to see you succeed and want to help you excel far into your major. Especially for engineer majors, the curriculum focuses on your future beyond graduation and what they can do to make sure your resume is rich and impressive for future companies that are interested in you.


This school is unique because of its placement, it is is litterally in the center of Akron. This provides a lot of diversity.


I think the most unique thing about my school is how concerned the faculty is with the students. Many of the faculty members are well-known authors and philanthropists and they are really involved in the students' academic careers. The faculty are always available to answer questions or they are open to giving the students information about job opportunities at local firms.


I choose UA because of the reputation of the dietetics program and the professors.


In a school of about 30,000 students there is a place for everyone.


Akron is unique because even though it's a larger school, it feels so much like a small community. Everyone is so friendly and open to meeting new people and making new friends. Also, because we are located in a decently sized city, there is a lot to do off campus if you just need to get away.


My school uniqueness compared to other schools would be the variety of differt cultures and races. My school has a unique campus life of different sports activites and learning.


Compared to other schools my school seems to have better programs and groups in place to help out students and build community among the student body.


Nothing at all. The only reason I am going here is because it was the least expensive school I considered and, if I were to do it again, I would not even think of coming here.


At the time they offered Biology with a specialization in zoology. That was what I wanted to major in. The schoool was closer to me than the only other school I could find that had a zoology major, which was Ohio State University. That was why I chose this school, they decided to stop offering it, starting this past August.


Very affordable. Enough financial aid to cover all college expenses. Great education thusfar. Cheap, good off campus apartments if you look ten or fifteen minutes away.


I felt that this school just fit me more. The buildings are newer looking and the school is now doing something called landscape for learning, so the entire campus is absolutly gorgeous. I feel waking around the school that I belong more rather than just walking from building to building just attending classes.


What's unique about my school compared to others is that we have a student organization called the A-K-Rowies. They are a group of student that attend every school sporting event. They make sure that no matter where the game is, what the sport is, football, basketball, or who's playing men or women that there is a huge group of students there to support the team every time.


It was a bigger school than the others I applied to. The Honors Program was very special and in the end was my deciding factor.


Like I said there is a varity of people that go here even the teachers are spread out culturally.


I think that the whole surround evironment is very unique. You are downtown akron but you can easily be in the metro parks in less than 5 minutes. You can really be in any type of enviroment within a 20 minute drive whether it be down town to farm land. I really enjoy that. Also I like that downtown isn't too hectic and there is a lot of different things to do around campus.




Centered in a city.


its cheaper


My school is unique because of our school spirit. The largest student organization on campus is the AK-Rowdies. A group where the majority of our students come together, dressed in blue and gold from head to toe, often with comical costume, to support Zips athletics as Ruthless, Obnoxious, Wild, Dedicated, Insane, Egotistical Students. As a student body we came together to make Zippy the Capital One Bowl mascot of the year by taking the time to vote every day. We make our presence is known, not only at home games, but at EVERY game. And by the way?.KSUcks.


very new. high tech buildings. right outside of the city great comunity


The University of Akron not only offers over 300 undergraduate majors. The campus rocks! UA has added 11 new buildings, 30 acres of new green space and has planted thousands of trees all over the campus. The campus is always spotless no matter where you walk. Even the dorms are clean! UA has a Student Union and Recreation and Wellness Center to die for. We even have a Lazy River that is great to use after long hours of studying and testing. Recently, the university added comfortable buses to get you to your class on time.


We have a fantastic engineering co-op program.


I think the most unique thing about the Akron University campus is its surrounding landscape. You are in the city when you are on campus and within 5 minutes of drive time you can relax and enjoy the beautiful parks that surround it.


Being close to home is the main reason why I selected the University of Akron.


I am able to go to both the main campus of Akron and the branch Wayne campus . So i can choose the class size I want.