University of Akron Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


During the winter when it is too cold to be outside the university does not cancel class. That is a safety hazard as well as there not being any salt on the icy side walks.


Although the University of Akron encourages learning and socializing among students, as a result of the campus size, the classroom size is at most times larger than average. The advantages of a large classroom is the ability to hear multiple views and opionions, and the feeling of being a small part of something big. However, the disadvantage that comes along with a big classroom is the disability of being engaged with your professors. Some students feel in particular classes that they are just a number, and not an individual student.


Honestly, I cannot think of anything I dislike about UA that is not a normal problem among all colleges. It is in a city, like many others and traffic and parking can be problematic. Books are expensive, especially the special versions for the school, but this happens at other schools as well. The wi-fi in our dorm (Honors Complex) can be spotty and the food from the next door dining hall could be a little bit better.


Parking. Lack of it.


The weather and the variety of food options within campus


large campus, which means alot of walking. duringte summer its not so bad, but in the winter its freezing cold. i have found that they dont spend much time salting their sidewalks. makes for a slippery walk.


In my opinion, the worst aspect of my school is the safety factor. Akron has one of, if not, the highest petty crime rates in the entire nation. There have been robberies, killings, and everything in between. It can be quite frightening to think these issues really could happen to anyone-- and have. It's a beautiful campus and wonderful school, but the safety can really be a deterrent.


The environment surrounding the campus is the worst thing about my school. It is not a very safe area outside of the campus, because of homeless people, shootings and robberies that happen occasionally.




In my opinion, the only downside to attending the University of Akron is the weather. The snow doesn't bother me, but the cold gets me down sometimes. If your roommates or housemates go home for the weekend, it's easy to feel lonely or like a prisoner because the weather is so miserable.


There are no sophomore initiative programs and it has been very difficult for me to guide myself through everything when there has been such a shift in help. When I was a freshman I was handed a lot of opportunities and I really started to take initiative but I always felt I was a beat behind where I needed to be and I really thing a program for sophomores would help the retention rates.


The worst thing about UA is getting help from a department other than your major where the student may not know the professors or people who work there.


The worst thing about my school is the area. Akron is not exactly the nicest city in the state. Coming from a suburban community, the city of Akron was kind of a shock. I live not even half a mile away from campus and the other night I heard a gun shot right outside my window. That is scary and I wish I could be at this university withoutfearing for my life


The worst thing about this school is that the dorms cost a lot money and to pay for classes.


In my opinion, the worst thing about my school is parking. There aren't enough parking spaces for all the students that drive, and it can take a lot of time to find an open spot. This makes it difficult to get to class on time without arriving on campus at least a half hour early.


There are so many student success programs established to ensure student retention rates but not enough students know about them to utilize them.


I wouldnt consider anything extremely bad at my school.


the worst thing about my school is that the availabilty of parking is very limited, which increases the amount of tickets given to commuters on a daily basis.


The worst thing about my school is the parking. No matter how early you get to campus for a class, it feels like you are still searching for an hour. I go to a big commutor school and they should be better prepared for it.


The worst thing i find about my school is the tuition because i dont feel you should have to pay for education. I wish it was the same as high school.


I think that the surrounding area of this campus is the worst thing about this school. It is dangerous and not very built up. I think that if they worked to re-build the area around the University of Akron more people would want to go there.


Long walks, but helps you maintain a healthy body.


The worst thing id have to say is the area in which the school is located. It is pretty much located in the akron ghetto.


They really drop the ball on getting financial aid for students. Unless the student is a varsity player or in the honors program there isnt really much help there.


the worst thing about my school is probably the area that its around. the school itself isnt bad but akron itself can be dangerous


the worst thing about my school is that the people there are so nice and helpful that you really never want to leave, so you dont really get a whole lot of time at home.


I feel that the worst thing about my school is the location. While campus patrol is out constantly as well as the cops, if you travel too far from campus it can get a little rough.


Getting to the campus is the worst problem on this campus. This school has a huge commuter population. This causes a large amount of congestion during the busy school hours and a shortage of parking spaces. If a student doesn't show up very early in the morning they are very likely to walk fifteen minutes to thier classes.


It is very close to the city of Akron and a lot of the crime from around the city and the area around campus drift into campus. A lot of robberies and break ins.


Crime south of campus.




The crime on and off campus. There are a lot of robberies. I do not feel safe being on campus at night by myself.


The worst thing about my school is the parking. There aren't enough parking spaces and there are too many students that drive


The neighborhood. There are many crimes that go on, on and around the campus. Campus is near the inner city neighborhoods, so there are shootings, robberies and people who get jumped, a lot more than usual on a college campus. However the campus police are doing the best they can to stop the crime, it still happens, and scares me enough I don't like being on campus once the sun goes down.


The housing here at Akron has been a problem the last few years---too many students with not enough housing... but then again it goes to show you how many people want to attend this college.


Finding an advisor that actually know what they are talking about. Also the professors are experts but they do not know how to teach, especially in engineering. Most of the time students fail the tests but somehow still end up with a B.


The worst thing about my school is the parking situation. There were more parking permits sold than there were available parking spots, and parking is very difficult some days.


The worst thing about my school is some of the teachers seem not to care if you know what you are doing or not. Being in the Electrical Engineering Department, the teachers sometimes assume that you have privious knowldge which some students do but i do not. It is quite difficult to be taught by a teacher who assumes you already know wha you are doing.


Parking. Not enough on campus housing.


The worst thing about my school is the parking since they keep taking out parking lots to build new campus building and now a new stadium. Engineering class also get hard to get into when your getting close to finishing up since theres not as many professors teaching those classes so they fill up quickly.