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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Honestly at the University of Akron, there is no stereotypes, we are all just one big family to put it.


Unfortunately. People who judge from where you're from and who you hang with.


Unfortunately. We have stereotypes about the athletes the most. How they're only good for sports but academically, they're no good. Some sororities are mean, bad, stuck up, and the same for the fraternities.


The stereotype of students at my school would definitely consist of the "Hipsters," "Frat boys," "Nerds," "Stoners," "Sorority Girls," "Athletes," and others who are just trying to get through college.


Where I went to high school, the stereotype of The University of Akron was that it was just like high school. People only went here because they were not interested in getting a college degree, they just wanted to say they went to college somewhere. After attending my first semester and half of my second semester, I realize that this stereotype is very incorrect. It is very different from high school, lots of people graduate, and have a wonderful time experiencing the college life.


We are considered poor, gangsters, drug-addicts, and unsafe. Akron has come a far way the past few years and I do not believe this is true. People say you don't have to be smart to go to The University of Akron and though it is open enrollment doesn't mean you don't have to be smart. You have to apply yourself and it is a challenge to maintain good grades.


The university of Akron has the normal stereotypes, as do all schools do. Here at Akron I feel that it's less of a stereotypical label but more of a social status type label. There are the upper class students composed of frat guys and sorority girls. the middle class which is composed of athletes and theater geeks. The lower class comprised of stoners and geeks. But there are many people here at this university that brack this 'status quo' and fall in different stereotypes and social status is of no importance, or via versa.


The stereotype of students at my school is "ghetto gang banger" because there are always shootings. Also, there are a lot of partying stereotypes. Both of these seem to be true but there are also a lot of students who do not fit these categories.


I believe my school is one of many cultures with no real stereotypes. We have every kind of student you can imagine , they range from teens, jocks, hippies to old folks(like myself). We are a school where who no matter who you are you will find a place to fit in!


Many people believe that everyone here is from the Inner City areas around the state, but actually it's pretty evenly shared among all the different demographics (farming communities, cities, suburbs, etc.)


U of A students are stereotyped as engineers (geeks) or "gangsters". The engineering stereotype is pretty accurate given the size of Akron's engineering college. The gangster stereotype is not true.


The stereotype I hear most about Akron is that it comprises of adult students who commute from home. Although the University of Akron is a commuter campus, I think most of the students are of college-age.


I would say there are no common stereotypes at Akron. There are all kinds of different groups and clicks where anyone can fit in.


stoners, ghetto kids, jocks and everyone in between.


There isn't really a "stereotype" of students here. UA has all kinds of students from all types of backgrounds.


We have a really diverse student body here at Akron. Being in a sport, I'm around athletes everyday from states like Washington, New Hampshire, New York, Florida and Texas just to name a few. Other athletic teams have brought in students from Jamaica, Sweden and Germany. There's a really good mix of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds here.


I would have to say that most people who have not been to the University of Akron think that all UA students are jocks. Although we do have an excellent variety of sports programs at UA, the average student is much much more than an just a simple stereotype. Our students are future athletes, nurses, teachers, lawyers, and scientists.


There is not one single stereotype or clique at my school, but instead many all combined together. Coming from a very small town I was kind of the country kid and there are others like me as well. But along with us there are jocks and preps and the very intelligent ones also. That is just a taste of who I lived with my freshman year in the dorms. There were meatheads (body builders), geeks, gamers, and many more. This is quite amazing since I lived in the smallest dorm on campus (around 40 guys on one floor). All in all, the mix of students here at UA is very diverse and you will never be the only one of your kind!


I don't think that there is just one answer to this question on stereotypes. For the jocks, let me just say that UA has some intense ballers, and a wicked soccer program. To the frat kids; there is no lack of fraternity choices at UA, so everyone can find a group to join. If you want to call the Honors students geeks, then you geeks will be able to fit in as well. I am in the Honors program, and I am enjoying it immensely. UA is not home to just one stereotype, so no matter what the diversity, all students will be able to connect with a like-minded group.