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What kind of person should attend this school?


When it comes to attending college, a student can attend any institution and expect a standard of education. Unlike the University of Akron, students are brought into a realm of diversity, vision, and positive atomosphere to learn and proser. Any student who has an ambition to succseed and earn a qaulity degree should consider attending this school. The University of Akron is home to over twenty-seven thousand students, with a sprawling campus. It is close to almost impossible to not feel welcomed here, as well as part of a friendly community.


Science and Math are the strong areas academically for this school, but people comute so not alot going on outside of academics unless you drink.


Be willing to work hard and really put in the effort in the majority of your classes. Few things are simply handed to you, you have to work hard for them. As long as you do that, you will be fine.


The University of Akron is a great school and I am very happy with my choice. I am attending for engineering, as are many other students there. UA is known as a very good engineering school, so I would encourage any potential engineers to seriously consider UA as their college. One of the things I was most suprised about at school was how nice all of the people there are. Not only the faculty, but the students are as well. UA is a great choice for anyone .


This school is a very standrd state school with many students, activities and fun. However, this school allows students to slack and continue to do mediocrely, and I feel there should be more of a push. I would recommend any student looking to go into a science or healthcare-related field to consider this university because I believe those programs push students the hardest. For the price, the U. of Akron is a comfortable and sufficient school, but I feel that if you can and want to push yourself this is not the school for you.


A person that doesn't mind living in an environment where there isn't a lot to do off amups.


Anyone who likes a small campus and like to meet new people


The type of person that should attend this school in my opinon is one who is looking for the college experience and doenst mind a larger campus both with thae areal space and the amount of people attending. One who would prefer to be in a smaller environment should not attend this university. As in my case, I was drawn to Akron to branch out from my surroundings that I had grown up in. I wanted to try something new. If anyone is in this situation, i reccommend it. Also, a person who is outgoing and social.


Anyone, this school maybe a very under rated school but the programs that are avalible here are absolutly incredible and very centered.


You have to be a self motivated person with a great attitude and open mind to attend Akron. The vast marjority of Akron's students are commuters, so the school empties out on the weekends. I think it's great and have great fun on weekends because the university offers many free activities to keep you from getting homesick, like comedians, movies, competitions, and sporting events. They have a great student union with a bowling alley and pool tables. The recreation facility is outstanding with an indoor pool and rock climbing wall.


Focused and education driven.


This school has something great to offer for just about everyone! I chose this school because it was close to home and many of the programs are accredited. Most of the staff are leaders in their field. For example, I am a Communications major and one of my professors was a producer for a top T.V. show for many years. The price I pay to go here is nothing compared to the education that i receive in return. Teachers are so great. Perfect for students who need to commute or have families and need to take night classes!


a person that has good time management skill. one must be able to balance school work along with socializing. this campus is not huge be there is always something going on.


The University of Akron is great for any individual who wishes to get a higher education. They have a wide variety of majors and very personal professors who are there to make sure you succeed! I would recomend this university to everyone!


The University of Akron is a great school. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get a great education. The classes aren't to big so you can work with your professor one on one if need. Akron is aimed toward everyone who is looking to highten their education.


a student that has the same desire to be a designer and to put their artist talents in the real world through learning of the different arts and processes of publication.


Anyone can attend this school there are many groups and The University of Akron supports them withvarious clubs (LGBT, Anime, Soroities, Fraternities,etc)


Pretty much anyone can attend this school. It is full of diversity and I have come into contact with all sorts of people throughout my college experience. The University of Akron is made up of all sorts of people.


The kind of students that should attend this school are those who are interested in business since Akron has one of the best programs for it in the country, and those who are comfortable with a wide variety of diverstiy among students, and who are prepared for the dangers and risks that come with the unsafe city of Akron.


Any kind of person can attend this school. There are many different groups of people who attend this school and no one kind of person stands out.


Someone that is strong and confident in their abilities and want to succeed in life.


The type of person that should attend the University of Akron is anyone who is trying to further their education and who wants support from great advisors who are there to lead you in the right direction to make all your dreams come true. They want nothing more than to see students succeed.


The University of Akron is located in a large city, so you like the city this could be the school for you. Akron also has a very large fan base for their sports teams, if you like sports this could be the school for you. Finally Akron is filled will caring and friendly people that will help when you need it. These are some of the many reasons why Akron has a wonderful school.


Anyone can attend this school. It is a great school with wonderful, kind, and helpful people. It is a great place to learn and expand on one's knowledge, and also very motivating.


A person who wants to live in a city, learn about their major, and be in social environments. This school is just like any other; it is crowded but big enough to support the population. You will make friends if you want to make friends and be left alone if that's what you want. It is a pretty neutral place. Free to do what you want socially; academically, it's different for different classes. I think this is an okay school.


I believe anyone can attend our school because it is a very diverse community.


someone who is into a urban atmosphere. theres lots of things to do here and many diverse people here. if your into meeting people of different racial backgrounds this is the school for you. a fun open minded person willing to study in an fast paced school with many activities going on.


The kind of person who should attend this university is a student who is open minded to the diversity in life. Someone who can take any situation and look through the optemistical outlook on things. Someone that isn't easy to give up, yet a person who strives harder at overly challenged obsticles. The University of Akron accepts most persons who meet the requirements, but expects the oncomers to see the enviorment and adapt to the sort of life where they can persue a successful degree.


This school is a very forward thinking campus. We have many programs for engineers, esspecialy in the polytec field. For most of the courses a person planning on majoring in engineering or another logic heavy career should check out this campus. I would also recomend it for future architects since there is constant expantion of the campus where they can get expirence.


Any person can attend. There is room for everyone


Anyone that is a genuine and down to earth person who is looking for a great education at a lower cost than some of the other institutions in the area.


A person that is ready to be independent and ready to strive to reach the goals they have in mind.


Anyone who is eager to learn and have fun while doing so. Someone who is friendly and open to new things and experiences should go here!


all should come


A person who is independent


This school is very open and friendly to all types of people.


I believe the type of person that should attend this school is one that does not need anyone to motivate you to learn or attend. Someone that knows why they are there.