University of Akron Main Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Sometimes some of the professors push students too hard like it is not okay to fail. Just because someone fails does not make them stupid.


Cost of housing - food


I was born in Florida, which means that I have no love for the cold. This is a bad thing since the University of Akron has a very cold campus in the wintertime. The most frustrating is waiting for the campus bus (the Roo) during an extremely cold day.


The most frustrating thing about this school is the cost of tuition. Tuition is unreasonably high and it continues to rise each year.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Akron is two fold. The lack of space for parking at main campus is horrendous. At the wrong time of day, good luck finding a parking spot. The other aspect of that is, even with all of the sub-branches of the University of Akron and with room to expand at at least one of the branches, only a few minor full-degree programs are offered at these branches.


The administration really urks me, especially in the financial aid office. They are there to help you, but they don't do that. All they do is give you additude and make you feel like you are a bother.


The most frustrating thing about this school is the fact that you can study for a test 1 day in advance and still do well on it. The prfessors here don't push students hard enough and there isnt enough creative thinking or discussion. In class, the teacher lectures and students listen. When the lecture is over we leave. I think there needs to be more application of the the material we are learning and less learn, memorize, test and then dump the material.


Parking. Lack of it. Also, they don't turn they air conditioning on until april 30th...or something like that. So if it gets really hot outside then everything is hot.


The most frustrating this is that it is not as beautiful as it could be. The university tries, but I want to be proud of the way that the campus looks. It is an urban environment, but it does not need to be ugly.


The website for scheduling your classes could be better and i wish we could use the rec center during off school time (winter break, summer, ect.).


The most frustrating thing about my school right now is the Computer Based Testing Center. My college has about 30,000 people attending and the computer lab only has about 80 or so computers. I had to stand in line for about 30 minutes to take my final exam!


The most frustrating thing as of right now is the parking at my school. They are building a new parking deck that is supposed to house 1500 parking spaces so hopefully that should take care of our parking woes.


high prices


In my opinion the most frustrating thing about my school is that there are a lot of cliques and a lot of binge drinkers and partiers. Its very easy to fall into an unhealthy lifestyle in Akron.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the poor parking on our campus, while administration continues to expand our campus and our fees and tuition, parking and arriving at class on time takes some serious planning and quite a fee layers of clothing in this Ohio winter weather. Our campus has grown and is beautiful!


The only thing that frustrates me is that i really dont know where anything is at, other than that i dont have any problems i love my school


I would have to say the most frustrating thing about my school would be the parking. Because we are extremely limited to our parking space at the moment, it is hard to find parking spaces any where on campus. At the dorms, students tend to park at the parking meters until there are available spots open, but the University of Akron will hand out tickets to these students. I feel that it isn't the students fault that we don't have enough parking, so we shouldn't get penalized.


I wish that there were more jobs available that are related to my field that I could be working in while still being able to attend college full time. There are always volunteer opportunities in my field but not many paying jobs that I can be working in while I'm in school that are related.


Getting adequate information about what courses are needed for your major.


It is usually very difficult to find parking on campus and that is very frustrating, however the univeristy is currently building garages to generate more parking.


Parking is major issue on and off campus.


Some classes that are necessary to complete a degree are only offered in specific semesters. Advisors do not typically notify you of these classes and if you try to take them on an off semester, your enitire degree can be delayed. The undergraduate advisors typically do not know much about classes and when they are offered and they are not very much help through the scheduling process.




Sometimes you cant always get the classes you want


The most frustrating thing about The University Akron is the parking situation. It is hard to find a parking spot, since it is a majority commuter school. I have to leave for class early and get to school in the morning to ba able to find a parking spot. It is also frustrating becausee many times other drivers to campus take up more than one spot, and that takes away from the others that need to park on campus.


Getting up early.


The most frustrating thing about my school is getting people to notice that is a good school academically and socially, however, since it is the local school many students don't value its education.


The fact of being poor. Thats it plain and simple, there is no help for someone that is poor and in college.


The parking situation, because the school sold more parking permits than they have parking lots. So you always have to take that into consideration on your way to class, especially as a commuter.


Finding an academic advisor that is helpful is very frustrating. Once you find one, though, they are excellent.


The fact that theres about 26000 students and around 13,000 are commuters, so the actual physical boundaries of campus is dead. I also wish students had a little bit more school spirit.


There is nothing that is very frustrating. I guess the main thing is the cold weather but that is expected in Ohio.


Obnoxious students during class.


the only thing that is really frusterating about my school is that there are a tremendous about of hills at my campus. im in a wheelchair so its a little difficult to get around when there is alot of hills. it tends to slow us down when there are alot of hills


The interdepartment communication.


Too many people