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What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish someone would have told me about my current major at uakron because I've always liked geography and fields related to it. I would be much further along and possibly even graduated by now with a degrees in surveying and mapping, land surveying and a geographic information science certificate had I found out about it earlier in my college career. Know what you want to study and find out if the school you are in has the degree you want to get before going to that school.


I wish I would have known exactly how the school was and how I would feel while attending this school. On campus tours, they pump up the school as if it is the best place on earth. I was very disappointed to find out that it was less than what I expected. I was promised much more financial aid then I received. They had "misplaced" my financial aid information, and as a result, told me that they could only offer me half of what I was supposed to get. Unfortunately, I had to take out a $10,000 loan.


I wish I had known how the limited the social atmosphere on campus is. I wish I knew the importance of the SAT test. My parents have always felt I'm stupid despite my grades and "intelligence" indicating otherwise. I am in serious need of any scholarship money. Even if its only 200-300$. I have done superb in past but depression is starting to have profound effect on my performance because of finance.


I wish I would have known how much money it took.


When I was in high school I was always told I was very intelligent and that I could do anything. Because of this, I did not perform to the best of my ability, and left high school with a 2.4 gpa. It took me a few semesters of college to realize that being successful just requires you to engage yourself with what you're learning. If I could go back and give myself a piece of advice, it would be to buckle down so I would have been able to establish myself academically sooner.


I wish I would have known more about financial aid management. Also, about part-time jobs on campus.


I came to Akron with a concrete idea of my future and career goals, but completely changed my course of study after one semester. With an eager, open mind I was able to discover my true passion and pursue it with very little background experience.


I wish that someone would have told me to make sure I got out and did activities around campus. It is very important to meet new people and make yourself at home the first few weeks because they will be the building blocks for your college life. Make as many friends and you can that first year, start off strong academically, and don't be afraid to experience new things. Your freshman year will decide what the rest of your college life is, so make your priorities solid and grounded so that you can be happy the next 4 or 5 years.


I wish I would have known that I would have to attend graduate school in order to receive a career in my field of study. I was under the impression that after four years of college, I would be done with school; however, that was not the case. I did manage to establish close relationships with the faculty which did help me find the right path to further education. Also, I wish I would have known more about on-campus job opportunites. The employers were very flexible with schedules, which made working an enjoyable experience.


I wish I could have known the best places to park depending on your major. I also wish I learned what great seminars they have for students that stress a lot more than they should, and how to time manage seminars. I feel like next year these progreams will truely help me succeed in my next year at the University of Akron.


I wish I was more informed about the financial aid process. Also, I wish I had moreknowledge about some of the diverse degree offerings.


I wish I would have known exactly how many students were attending; places get very crowded.


I wish I had known more about the activites they have on campus.


I wish I had known more about the programs and the different things I could do to get ahead of the game. I wish I had a better understanding of the advising programs and felt more confident in the decisions I was making.


If there was one thing I would've liked to have know before attending this school it would be how hard it actually is. I was never one for studying and now i really have to push myself and things are now beginning to work for me. I use to struggle in the beginning but now I know what it takes and I am just going with the flow.


Nothing really I feel that i knew all the information i needed to know.


I wish I would have known how to properly study and not to underestimate homework and test.


Before I came to the University of Akron I wish some one would have explained all the ins and outs. For instance ... No one tells you what a syllabus is for . The first semster was a wreck for me. I didnt know what a syllabus was or why every teacher handed me one. The syllabus is the nicest gift a professor could give. It tells you everything. Its as if the teacher was handing you their intire lesson plan for the whole year . That never happened when i was in high school so it just didnt make sense to me.


I wish I would have known a few things before coming to the University of Akron. Firstly, I wish I would have known the amount of work load I would be getting in college. It is literally like having a full-time job because I am constantly studying. Secondly, I wish I would have known the walking distance between classes. I was nearly late for my first class of the semester! Finally, I wish I would have known the parking issue at Akron. At times it is very hard to find a parking space. Thanks!


I wish i knew the importance of studying hard.


How difficult it would be to adjust from such a small high school to such a large school


Not to over work myself. Its good to concintrate on school work, but there has to be down time to relax and enjoy what is going on around a student also. And you need to know the difference between studying and just reading the book. A little more work then just reading the lesson has to be done if you want more than a average grade.


I wish I had known all the helpful things the student center has to offer.


I wish I had known the possibilities of advancing my career and the many opportunites available to me. I wish I had known that I had the ability to suceed in school as I have just in my first semester of school (Dean's list) and I hope the trend continues throughout my education at the University of Akron. School is not as difficult as it seems if you put some effort into it and are able to concentrate on your long term goals.


I wish I had realized the importance of internships. Although I am doing well now in my career, I believe I would have gotten off to a quicker start had I pursued an internship in my Junior and Senior years.


Expensive on campus housing. Poor parking.


To really plan ahead. Some of the prerequisties to get into other classes fill up very quickly. I wish I would have known how quick they filled up so that I would have been able to give myself a head start on getting into my major.


I wish I had known more about how financial aid at this school worked.


I wish I had known exactly what area of study in which I was interested prior to enrollment.


The computer requirements.


I wish I would've known more about all of the great study abroad options the University of Akron offers because I would've looked into it sooner. I was also unaware of all of the activities one can be involved in because I always thought of the university as being a commuter campus.


The food is way too expensive, so get used to packing lunches. Wish I had known that.


I wish that I would have known about some of the professors weather they were easy or hard, good or bad, caring or not. Starting out with good profs would have been a nice way to ease into the college experiment instead of being placed with the hardest teachers from the beginning to scare you.


The parking kinda blows. And you will do poorly if you skip Organic Chemistry class... Even if the damn thing is at 7:45


I wish I would have known that the parking situation on campus for ALL students is ridiculous. You can drive around for hours, no exaggeration, looking for a parking spot and miss classes because you have no where to put your car. I also wish I would have known that it seems like they just want your money. It's a shame that now even education has become a business.


That I wasn't going to major in Mechanical Engeneering.


just more about the college experience and sucess in classes