University of Akron Main Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing is all of the options. While The University of Akron is well known for it's engineering programs, there are many other programs that will set you in the right direction for your future.


The best thing about my school was the gym facility. It was, honestly, the nicest thing on campus and the only place I enjoyed to go. They have a rock climbing wall, which is the 2nd largest rock climbing wall in Ohio. There are tons of machines available for working out, also many courts for basketball, volleyball, etc. There is a wave-pool, two hot tubs, and an olympic sized pool for those who want to swim competitively. I loved going here also, because they offered trainers for those who wanted to lose weight or gain muscle with a professional.


The professors.


The best thing about the University of Akron is the convienience and the access to multiple resources. The faculty is willing and ready to help and there are facilities like math labs, writing labs and computer labs scattered around the campus.


The best thing about going to Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University is their commitment to excellence. The courses required to earn a master's degree in nursing are very comprehensive, innovative and futuristic. The master's program prepares the advanced nurse practioner for her role as a psychotherapist and clinical nurse specialist. This blended nursing course will provide me with the skills and resources I will need to practice successfully as a mental health nurse. The insttuctors are approachable, empathetic and supportive. I am encouraged and inspired by the instructors at this school.


The quality that I believe is best about the University of Akron is the feeling that it is both a big and small college. It has the benefits of a large University with many different and varying majors, while it also has a small intimate feeling with many classes with less than thirty students where your teacher can know your name.


The professor and student relationships are almost always positive


The best thing about my school is the newer buildings that they have built.


The best thing about University of Akron, is the diversity of the students, because this allows one to meet a lot of intersting people and keep people open minded to new cultures.


The one unique thing that really sticks out to me when asked about our campus is our Rock Candy Statue that sits outside our new Polymer Engineering building. You can see it from a long way away, and it will definitely catch your eye. That statue is truly unique to our campus, and I'm pretty positive that no other college has done something quite like that.


My professors are outstanding! They engage in thought provoking lectures and provide an open and interesting atmosphere. My professors are interested in mentoring and developing me, even as a freshman. They make an effort to learn about their students and continue to challenge. I am vey happy here.


The best thing about the University of Akron is the faculty. As a psychology major, I established numberous relationships with my professors, which was the most beneficial move I ever made in college. Not only did it make my learning experience more engaging, but it also opened up a world of advise and guidance. I like to believe the psychology faculty is one of the main reasons I strived at this university. They truly have a passion for their work and ultimately express their desire of seeing students succeed.


There is a diverse offering of classes and majors. Also, the professors care about students success and class sizes are reasonable.


the overall enviroment


The best thing about my school is the people on campus. Again, we all come from different backgrounds and share the some of the same goals. I have met around 1,000 or so people on campus due to being a part of the Emerging Leaders program here on campus. Coming here, I didn't know anyone. No one came here from my high school. I have met some of the friendliest people in my time here. I didn't know I could have so much fun while being in a new place, but I'm certainly glad I came.


The profesrors are understanding and work with the students.


I consider the accessibility and willingness of our professors to communicate with and work with the diverse sudents at the University of Akron as well as, the diversity of the professors themselves, to be our campuses greatest asset. This has greatly improved over the years, as our universitiy presidents and administrators have changed. There are still a few who regard themselves as the prince or princess and others who are different-non-traditional, from them as the mud beneath the cape over the puddle, upon which they are standing. I thought that education was the great equalizer! I still believe!


In my opinion, the best thing about my school is the honors program. As an honors student, I have access to the beautiful new Honors Complex on campus. I also get priority registration for classes, which means I never have to worry about a class I want to take being too full, or not being able to take a class from any professor of my choice.


The best thing about my school is the fact that it is so diverse. We have people from all backgrounds, recial groups and income levels. And being in a city gives you expierencs that are unique to this school.


I like the schools structure. It is easy to get to classes and has great activities to do to keep busy after class.


The student body is very diverse therefore making it easier to socialize and really get to learn about other people?s background, and culture. Almost every country is represented on campus, and we have different events to really allow students to visually learn, and get a glimpse into the minds of many cultures that exist in our society.


The best thing about my school would be the proffesors. They are the best thing at my scool because they are very enthuastic in doing their jobs, they seem to really enjoy their work, they make themselves extremely available out of classs, and they make learning fairly easy.


The best thing about the University of Akron is the numerous events planned for students. Students are able to experience college life, live performaces, fun activities, and win prizes. Completely free, these events are filled with school spirit, excitement, and entertainment.


I think the best thing for myself about the University of Akron is that it is close to my home. I don't live on campus but the University is in central Akron and is very easy to get to. If you have to catch public transportation, there are plenty of buses that will take you to your destination on campus.


It has the best engineering department in the country, many reasons why Akron is a great school.


The thing I consider best about my school is that it has given me the opportunity to become a well rounded person. It helps me be disciplined with my work by providing enough places to study as well as professors that are interested in what they teach. It also helps me increase my social life by providing me with many activities on campus as well as Fraternities off campus.


I feel there is a great amount of technology and resources available to students. I feel that resources like the rec center are the best thing about Akron.


The flexibility of learning while caring for a family and raising children.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the emphasis that the faculty places on academics. In high school, most teachers would take little notice to a falling grade, but the professors here seem dedicated to ensuring that every student succeeds.


I love Akron because most of the buildings are brand new, so the ammedities are great.


I think the best thing about my school is the faculty. They are extremely engaging and very happy to help. They offer extended office hours and tons of help with work. They make lectures interesting and engage the students in discussion to make the classes more valuable to the students. The staff who work in the financial aid office are also extremely helpful; they are truly commited to helping each student find the necessary aid.


The friends I have met


The best things abou my school are the culture with art and culture, although we are located in a small city in Ohio there are so many cultures and artistic things to do. I also like the fact that in Ohio and the US, Akron University has one of the best Graduate programs for Psychology majors. This ensures that since i like this school I will probably stay here after completing my B.A.


The campus itself is gorgeous and provides many things for you to do when you are inbetween classes.


Ability to chose off campus hospitals to complete clinicals.


The environment


I love my courses. Now that I am in grad school I am taking courses that interest me.


I like the acticites that are offered from the different clubs on campus. The involvement that I can get is very exciting. There is something for everyone on this campus. I also like the closeness of surrounding places to go shop, eat and other things like that to do off campus.


Honestly the best thing I like about it, is how close it is to where I live. It's less than a ten minute drive from my parents house. Other than that, they have a very good psychology program. The professors in the Psych department are very kind and helpful, I am currently helping one of the graduate students run a research study. Which is great to have experience in the field like this especially as an undergrad.


The Univeristy of Akron provides many activities throughout each semester so there is usually always something to do. It's also in a great location, I feel as though there is a lot to do in the surrounding neighborhoods.


The University of Akron has MANY amazing things to offer its students both in and out of the classroom. One of which is the residence halls. Living with such an amazing sense of community is part of what makes Akron so enjoyable. Residence Hall Program Board is which is responsible for major events on campus such as Sibs Weekend and other series' such as comedians and singers/songwriters that entertain every Tuesday. As a part of this organization I have helped make living in the Residence Halls wonderful. There is always amazing entertainment and programs happening right outside your door.


It is a great friendly environment. The people here are willing to help anyone who my need it.


The best thing at UA would be the handful of professors that actually care. They are far and few between but when you have a professor that actually cares about you and your success, it makes all of the difference in the world.