University of Alabama at Birmingham Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are a group of diverse people. There are people of all races and ethnic backgrounds. My classmates are what makes my school such a wonderful place to atten. There are opportunities to learn at every corner out other cultures and ways of life without even stepping into a classroom.


The best way to describe my classmates is as follows: Diverse. The University of Alabama is one of the most diverse campuses in Alabama, and we're proud of it! Even though we are diverse we all get along very well and it enhances the college expreience because you learn so much from each other.


It is amazing how there can be so many cultures and races on my campus, but yet each group remains segregated to their own people and people very similar to them.


My classmates are fantastic, innovative learners that are excited about the opportunites our education and training will provide.


My classmates are eager to learn and hard-working.


They are very intelligent people who will most likely succeed in whatever they do in life


My classmates are all very outgoing and willing to learn more everyday but, there are some that has that "I just don't care attitude."


UAB students are very diverse. There are groups of all kinds on campus: LGBT, leadership, Asian, Indian, African American, and even video gamers. We come from all walks of life, all different backgrounds. You see people from many different religious backgrounds and also people from different areas of the nation. I have friends from UAB from all kinds of different groups. I like to think that UAB's diversity is what sets it apart from other universities.


One of the best things about UAB is the diversity. Despite the wide range of personalities, everyone tends to get along just fine. However, every student can count on finding someone who he/she has a lot in common with because UAB students come from all types of backgrounds. Making friends is an easy task here, which is always encouraging for students who may become homesick. Prior to attending UAB, I experienced minimal diversity at school and thought that this experience was something that I wasn't going to be able to adjust to. However, I love and appreciate how I've become more comfotable, and enjoy, being around people of different ethnicities. In addition most students here are goal-oriented, which had a positive affect on myself and will do for others.


The students are very diverse. UAB is one the most culturally diverse universities in the United States. The students are also very intelligent and kind. You will make many friends at this school.


UAB has one of the higher percentages of international students in the state. You will be exposed to many different cultures and people.


UAB is truly a diverse campus. I mean that in every sense of the word. Students here have different religions, ethnicities, financial backgrounds, political beliefs, musical interests, sexual orientations, etc. But, we use these differences to learn more about each other and create what I think is an exemplary community. We know we won't always agree, but we recognize that appreciating each others' differences is important and broadens our understanding of the world. We're a pretty politically active campus, on all sides. But, even if we differ politically, we'll still all sit down for coffee and share a few laughs.


I have learned a lot about the different cultures in the world because UAB is one of the most diverse colleges; many religions, backgrounds, beliefs, races, and traditions have come together at this University to study and learn and prepare for the road ahead of us.


My classmates are some of the most influential people I've met and I believe they will someday change the world.


My classmate are helpful, smart, and always willing to lend hand.


My fellow classmates are interesting, intelligent, and fun to be around in a classroom setting or any other setting as well.


My classmates are good people that for the moast part want to succeed in college and get a higher degree to make lots of money.


My classmates at UAB are very dedicated to their education the majority show up on time, take notes, ask questions, and study very often which encourages me to do the same which I find to be a very positive thing.


My classmates are very eager to learn just as I am. They are very compelling to help others and socialize to the point where everyone is nice as the others. My classmates are compassionate, sincere, and very intelligent. They also take the time to respect others and help out the ones that are struggling. They want all students and classmates to excell and achieve their desired education just as they do.


Most show up to class and they are willing to help you.


My classmates are very diverse and fun to be around.


My classmates are dedicated, hard-working, and always pushing me to be my best; and when I'm at my worst, they are the ones who pick me up, take me to dinner, and make me right again.


My classmates are goal oriented and know what they have to do to get the job done even if they may complain about the workload initially.




My classmates come from all different backgrounds and ways of life, and it is very interesting to get to know them.


My classmates are very goal-oriented and are helpful at the same time.


My classmates are helpful, kind, generous, friendly, and will always be there when you need it.


Friendly, outgoing, helpful, and diverse.


My classmates are dedicated students who work hard to be successful for academic and future career goals.


Most of them are a bunch of arrogant, stuck up, whoremongering filth bags far too invested in their own interests to stop and help out a bro in need.


Pompous gas bags.


Degree-focused students from a variety of backgrounds


My classmates are communicate well with the professors and each other.


There are a lot of really unintelligent people at UAB. Narrow-mindedness is very common, and the student body seems utterly obsessed with drinking. For instance, in every English course I have ever had, when the professor asks for paper topics, lowering the drinking age and legalizing marijuana are the first to be given by students here. There are definitely smart people here, but there are so many pseudo-intellectuals that it is sometimes difficult to weed them out.


My classmates are some of the most fun, interactive, knowledgeble peers one could ask for


Friendly, supportive and always there to have a good time with or talk to.