University of Alabama at Birmingham Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


UAB has to be best know for the hospitial. Although it does offer a large variety of majors and minors it has to be best known for its medical aspect.


UAB is greatly known for it's amzaing medical and business programs, the great vibe of the campus, and the small city vibe of the campus.


UAB is located right next to the Birmingham hospital. Therefore, most students are enrolled as a Biology major. Attending UAB means many connections to the hospital and a competative graduate program. Because our graduate program is so competative, it pushes students to be the best that they can possibly be. When only the top students make it out of the graduate program, it means that UAB makes the most advanced doctors in the country.


UAB is best known for medicine. MD and nursing especially. We're also known for having a crappy (and now non-existent) football team.


Our school is best known for ground breaking medical research and engineering development. Our medical school always ranks very prestigiously and we are very well-known for our research in topics concerning disabilities, geriatrics, and AIDS. We also recently won awards for our women's health program. Overall, our school is known for its prestige in STEM disciplines.


University of Alabama at Birmingham, is best known for their outstanding fields in medicine.


UAB, centrally located in the heart of Birmingham, AL, is best known for its world-class medical facilities and research.


My school is most widely known for it's research hospital and also for being one of the most diverse campuses. I find that our hospital brings a lot into the community and not only helps with the education of the students (whether by working there or actually voluenteering in different facilities) and helps them gain a better understanding of many of the fields of study they will have to deal with.


The University of Alabama at Birmingham is best known for its' medical programs.


The University of Alabama-Birmingham is best known for their medical research and world renowned and nationally known team of doctors and medical professionals. UAB is known in the south for being the place to receive the best healthcare and having the most up to date technology available. It's medical school is nationally rank and has high prestige.


UAB is best known for its hospitals and medical program. Its Birmingham's biggest employer with its hospitals . There hospitals are some of the best in country, and if you want to go into medicine this is a awesome school to go to.




UAB is best known for its medical school programs and their difficulty like the nursing program.


Diversity. The student body of UAB is comprised of people from all walks of life.


I'm not sure if it really is that well known. The Medical school is one of the top twenty in the nation. That's why I chose to come to this school. We do have a pretty good basketball team, but they play in Conferance USA so even that isn't too impressive.


UAB is best known as a medical research university and medical center. It has numerous medical related fields of study such as nursing, health sciences, nuclear medicine, respiratory therapy and medicine and dentistry. UAB has also played a key role in the economic revival of Birmingham. UAB is currently the state?s largest employer. It has more than 18,000 faculty and staff and over 53,000 jobs at the university and in the health system. Almost 10% of the jobs in the Birmingham Metropolitan Area are related to UAB.


medical school


Mostly for the great medical school. Most students who go here want to become nurses or doctors. That's what we're known for and there are los of hospitals around for everyone to do their clinicals and have plenty of prospective jobs.


My school is well known for being diverse and unique. The faculty, as well as students, are a wide span of cultures. UAB has an amazing campus with many opportunities attainable. My school is also famed for being a medical school. We devote time to helping people, such as researching cures for various types of cancer. The campus is small, which means it is never difficult to find your way to class. If you are late, it takes just a few minutes to get to class!


It's school of medicine and medical advancements.


I think our school is best known for it's medical programs (especially nursing school) and its immense diversity of students.


Medical Research


My school is best known for is academics.


Their medical prestige, UAB is one of the best medical schools in the nation.


It is best known for its hospital and research. If you are thinking about going into healthcare, UAB should be your number one choice for education.


Medicine and research


Our school is best known for its medical school, Nursing school, and prehealth professional school. Our school is also known for the medical research that it does.




My school Medical Program and hospitals through out the Central Alabama area.


UAB is known for its research, medical and nursing schools, and the affiliation with the UAB hospital. This is a highly respected school because of its many contributions in research. The teachers are some of the top professors and are very proud of what they do and have done. Overall, the students and professors here are smart and they care about their work.


Medical facilities. #1 AIDS Research facility in the country, if not the world. UAB Gospel Choir on XM Satellite Radio.


Placing students into successful jobs after graduation. Providing a solid education to prepare students for their future.