University of Alabama at Birmingham Top Questions

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The most unique attribute to UAb is that the school is very diverse. There are people from all walks of life that choose to attend this institution of higher learning.


What is unique compared to other schools is anatomy department. Compared to most they challange their students to the highest level. This class is considered the hardest class on campus. The amazing thing is the way they test your knowledge compared to other schools. Also by using cadavers we get an insight beyond the books what our bodys really look like once opened up. This also helps prepare us for when we enter into graduate school. We have an advantage by going to UAB once you eneter into Med school or Dental school.


Our school is unique becasue it fosters an enviornment that encourages their students to learn and strive for excellence. I think it's unique because some schools are not focused on the success of their students. It feels comforting to know that our professors really desire for us to succeed and challenge us so that we can become the best.


We are a small school where you can see some of the same people everyday walking around campus. But not so small that you know everyone. This school is the smallest school I applied for and I could not be happier.


UAB allowed me to fullfill going into the medical field with more then one option at the school and connections in the medical field. It allows me to be just far away from home that I can be independent but with a school that supports with my dreams. This school allows students to have fun of a bigger university with the classes of smaller schools. It has teachers that have PhDs in thier background teaching the class and they are researching that field while teaching for students to have the best information in each field.


What is unique about University of Alabama at Birmingham compared to other school is it very diverse, community involved, and innovative. No matter what activity or campus event you are involved, you will always take something new away from the experiences. UAB is always pushing it students to reach their full potential and to successful people in society.


UAB has a very liberal environment. They tend to emphasize more on the Medical programs and research and grants that they attract. At times you may feel like a number and that your voice will not be heard. The student body makes up for whatever the administration is lacking.


The University of Alabama at Birmingham lies within dowtown Birmingham giving it more cultural diversity than other campuses.


Like I said before, diversity is the main thing that is unique about my school.


UAB is a medical teaching school which gives me an edge on more progressive technology. The school is well established in research and various fields of medical and general research. I feel that the reputatiion of UAB will help me to be more successful in finding employment in Health Information Management upon graduation. The program also requires clinical courses which allow me to do what I am taught rather than just read and learn.


UAB promotes diversity and encourages self-realization.


It has a great social enviroment


Students here stay very focused on future success and what is to come, and besides compared to all the other schools this school is actually reviewed as one of U.S. top medical and nursing school


This school is not really unique to me in any way.


It's right in the middle of the city but it doesn't FEEL huge. I like how it's got the city atomsphere but is small enough that you can still get around on foot.


This school offers various student life opportunities to get to know other students with fun things like candy apples for causes, smores night, movie night, and wing fling. It is also a newer school (built in 1969) and was undergoing construction to make more modern buildings, install campus wide wifi, and make classrooms with more technologically advanced equipment wise.


The city environment and availability of cultural events. Is a school large enough to have class options, but not so large to feel overwhelming.


It has one of the best computer science departments in the southeast.


UAB is very diverse. There are close to 187 different countries represented.


The only unique thing about UAB that I find alarming is that they take as much money as they can from the students. If a student cannot pay, they will not bend the rules. Instead, they give the option of a loan and a late fee.


Tuition was in-state and considerbaly lower than any others.


My school have a very diverse environment unlike other schools.


in the city


Although there are tons of schools that are more urban based, I really like UAB because it is so varied in not only environment but also in types of people. My friends are so ethnically mixed and I believe that part of that reason is because the setting and cost. I really enjoy that about UAB.


UAB is very culturally diverse.