University of Alabama at Birmingham Top Questions

Tell us about the food and dining options.


There are two major areas to eat on campus: the HUC (Hill University Center) and the Commons. I prefer the HUC simply because it is closer to all of my classes. The HUC has three different options in the cafeteria, The Grill, Chik-fil-A, and Taco Bell. The Grill is my personal favorite, It has different main courses every day ranging from beef tips and rice to turkey and dressing with all kinds of stuff between. Then they offer around four different vegetables every day. So if you are trying to eat a bit healthier, I would eat at the Grill. Also at the Grill, things like hamburgers, veggie burgers, and philly's can be ordered on the spot. Chik-fil-A usually has a long line, but it usually goes pretty fast. Taco Bell always has line and it always takes forever. But everything is made to order, so you are basically waiting on freshness, which is good. There are also items in the cold case like salads, fruit, and sandwiches. There are always fresh bananas and apples available as well if you are just wanting a quick snack. At the Commons, they have a better variety of foods. They have everything from a salad bar to pizza. The salad bar is great because it has several different toppings, dressings, and so on. The Commons also has a place to order burgers on the spot. As to which place is better really depends on who you ask. I prefer the HUC for many reasons, like it is closer, I like to at the Grill, and the Commons is too loud for me. However, the HUC has less options. But either way, the food is always good. On campus beside Snoozy's (a book store) is a Subway. This Subway always seems to be packed out, but the sandwiches are never bad. There is one down side to Subway, it doesn't take Dinning Dollars or Meal Plan. Subway only accepts Blazer Bucks. (Dinning Dollars are added to your account if you are taking at least 12 credit hours and you can use them at the HUC, the Commons, and StarBucks. The meal plan is actually a plan that you purchase. And Blazer Bucks is money that you can load onto your ID Card.) Al's is right off capmus down 10th street. Al's is open 24/7 and has wonderful food. My personal favorite is the BBQ Chicken Baker. Another popular favorite is the Chicken Fingers and Fries. I have had both and they taste great! It is not expensive and almost the same as eating everywhere else. But it also depends on what is ordered. Al's also takes Blazer Bucks. These are the closest and most popular eating places on campus. I hope you enjoy the food!