University of Alabama at Birmingham Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I talk about how much I love the dorms on campus, and the overall campus itself. For it to be in the middle of the city, there is so much green space, and many options of places to eat. I never feel bored on campus since there is so much to do, and the school seems to really care about how its students are doing. I also brag about how awesome the atmopshere and diversity is on campus. There are people from everywhere at UAB which is awesome for making friends.


My school offers opportunities in achieving real life careers and excellence in every disipline. The academics at UAB are supreme and the students strive to maintain high GPAs.


I tell them that my school is very diverse, and I love that because the last thing I wanted was to go to a predominantly white, black, or any other race... school.


I brag most about the diversity on campus. With so many chances to get involved in an urban enviroment is a different experience than what most. I enjoy having a chance to meet so many different from different walks of life, who share different experiences, and sharing what you can with each and every person. I brag too much about my campus and being able to make the most out of the college experience that I can.


I do not really brag too much about myself being quite a modest person, but I would admit that I boast about how I can understand somethings quicker than an average student.


The university hospital and academic research that takes place at UAB.


At the University of Alabama at Birmingham, I am in the honors college because I got accepted into the Science and Technology Honors Program. When people ask me what I enjoy about going to UAB, I brag about how I am in the honors college and how I have a close family all four years. Most of my classes and organizations are centered around the Sci-Tech Program, and I highly encourage upcoming freshman to apply. Whenever I need help with homework or advice, I look up to my family in Sci-Tech.


There are so many opportunities for you to get involved. There is a club or team for every interest. If you cannot find that group, you can create your own!


I do not brag about my school at all. I honestly am not too fond of it. My reasoning for filling out all of these applications is in hopes that i may pull together enough money to go to a University in Florida. I STRONGLY desire to attend the University of Central Florida and to leave the state of Alabama entirely. I am a Miami raised boy and my family moved up to Birmingham when i was 10 because of a job offer. I have been desperately trying to make my way back home ever since. ha, PLEASE HELP.


It is often said to the students on campus by the faculty there that " It's a great day to be a blazer ! " and indeed it is. I say that because the students on campus at UAB are very diverse . When you walk across you see all different ethnicites of people. You see black people , white people , people from india , people from africa , austrailia and everyone is comfortable with one another.


It's not the typical college university where Animal House antics reign, but instead is more diverse, cultural, unique, and urban - rendering it a sophisticated edge than the status quo.


Our school has one of the top Meical Schools in the nation, along with one of the top Recreational Centers in the world. Also, UAB was mentioned on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Furthermore, many famous people and entertainers, such as Smokey Robinson and Maya Angelou, have visitied to give performances and speeches.


That UAB is a great school, but it is really hard. When they talk about not going to class, I laugh because I know students at UAB know you have to go to class or you won't pass!


I brag about how close the location is when we commute and how much fun the atmosphere is of the down town life.


That it has a good medical field and it has a good recreation center.


the people here are extremely friendly and thus it is easy to make friends. there are limited things to do outside of college life but the company make it fun. the town seems rather small but it's mostly revolved around the three colleges here. there is a lot of study room and I usually spend most of my time in our huge three story library. during the week most are focused on their schoolwork but the weekends allow for a whole lot of socialization.


The University of Alabama at Birmingham is famed for, among many other accomplishments, the numerous research opportunities and opportunities for shadowing in innumerable career fields. I love my university because everyday I am reinforced in my future career goals. My professors truly make the university have a home-like setting; they are truly dedicated to helping their students discover and achieve their dreams. Also, the classes are perfect. The sizes of my classes are large, but the professors make an honest effort to get to know their students. I could not have chosen a better place to call home.


Medical research and the federal money the school gets for research.


It is a very good prestigeous school to go to.


About the gym and the diversity.


How flexible the school is in every aspect whether its your schedule or dealing with your professors.