University of Alabama at Birmingham Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


At first glance there isn't much wrong with my school it's located in the heart of a beautiful city, the professors are top notch, and there is abundance of school spirit. Unfortuately the last statement isn't as true as it originally was. Since out football program was taken away the lack of school spirit has taken much of the joy out of UAB.


the worst thing about UAB is that they have recently decided to get rid of the football team. The academics are great at UAB, but sports related activity are a very popular interest of college or intended college students.


The worst thing about the University of Alabama is that they don't have a payment plan for students who are struggle with paying the expense of college out of their pocket. Sometimes life gets tough and many situations may affect a family financially.


At least in my first year of school here (other than adjusting to the stress of college, of course), my experience at UAB has been practically flawless. If I had to pick one downside, however, it would definitely be the tuition hikes that have resulted from the unecessary rebuilding of perfectly good facilities. Although the development and creature comforts that UAB has to offer are really great, we could definitely do without if it meant a more affordable education.


Parking because if you dont get a good parking spot in the morning around 8 or 9 then you have to park far from your class.


The fact that they are thinking about shutting down the honors program.


To be honest there is nothing i dislike abou tmy school. I absolutly love my school. It is located in a great place, very diverse, and everyone there is very friendly and will help in anyways possible. I love UAB.


The worst thing about UAB would have to be the lack of food places. I feel this way because we dont have enough variety of places to eat from while on campus.


The school needs a better form of letting students know about upcoming important events.


The thing that I despised the most about my school is that at times, things such as lectures, to me, can drag on a bit too long. Other than that, I cannot really say anything bad about UAB.


The worst thing that I can see about UAB is the traffic downtown can be horrendous sometimes. With so many businesses and medical facilities nearby sometimes people do not exercise road courtesy to pedestrians (i.e. ME). Other than that, everything is great and makes for a truly engaging college experience.


The food options are very restrictive and hours are often restricted to less than 21 hours per semester per student.


I hate having to cross a main road (University Blvd) to go from one building to the next. The road runs directly through the middle of campus. It takes forever for the light to change for you to cross and it doesn't give you much time.


The worst thing about UAB is the false image they have of "one of the most diverse universities in the nation" There may be alot of students from different races and ethnicities, but each of these groups are so segragated from each other that they are barely even noticed. A true diverse University is well integrated and heterogenious throughout.


Costs, but I suppose all colleges are expensive.


UAB is focused more on the Science and Medical programs than on liberal arts. The majority of thier money either goes to funding medical research or facilities for the sciences. It wasn't until 2008 that the History department was moved out of a 70 year old building with no heat. The liberal arts professors are overworked and bitter in some respects.


The only problem I have seen at school is that the classes are too large. The campus is so large, there are 200 people in my core classes. I prefer smaller classes because I feel it is easier to get to know the teacher as well as to learn better.


I consider the worst thing about UAB to be the traffic and parking. There are limited spaces in parking lots. They have overflow decks but by the time you get there, you are late. Even though there are many students at UAB, excluding the ones walking or using some other means of transportation, you still have the traffic/parking problems.


I really don't have any bad things to say about UAB. I'm just getting started there as my first undergrad degree was received from Auburn. So far all of my experiances have been very pleasant. I'm doing the Biology undergrad this time around to pick up all of the prerequesites I need to apply for Medical School next year. I'm also going to be working full time while I do this to support myself. That is why I need this Scholarship.


One of the worst things about this school is the cost for out-of-state fees. UAB is very strict on giving out aid for those who are not fro m their state. That is the only problem with this school.


The wost thing about the University of Alabama at Birmingham would be the headache of finding a parking place downtown.


The worst thing about the University of Alabama at Birmingham is the cost of attendance because students worry about being able to afford their education instead of being focused on succeeding in their academic studies.


The available parking spots, there are too few for the number of commuters that attend school here.


Our Campus is in a city where most people commute. Not many people stay on campus.


There is often nothing to do on weekends.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that it is set in Birmingham, in a big city. There are many positive aspects of living in a big city; I love going to concerts and never having a boring moment! However, it can be overwhelming to new students, who are trying to find their way around. Another negative point to living in a big city is the lack of greenery. Fortunately, we are receiving more beautiful greenery this year and enjoy studying in the beautiful outside!


Class sizes are increasing, bugets are being cut. We need more faculty in my department. The people in the financial aid office are rude and unhelpful. Many foreign professors have heavy accents that are difficult to understand.


the football team is not a good one.


My department , Civil Engineering, does not offer course often enough. A lot of courses are only offered once a year.


The worst thing about UAB, in my opinion, is how it is in such a big city and sometimes it does not feel like a "college atmosphere", but when there are activities going on around campus it feels more like a college.


The worst thing about any school is the cost of textbooks. They are extremely expensive .


The worst thing about UAB is the impersonal student-teacher relationship. Teachers expect to start teaching students exactly where they feel that the student "should" have left off with other teachers and most teachers express that they dont feel they should have to review at all.


You have to walk alot, between class.


The fact that there isn't much school spirit and it's a very busy campus., mainly because it's right in the middle of Birmingham which is a big city.


The worse thing is that some people have to come to college with out a college or mature attitude towards life. Although one may come across such people in many other surrounds and many other schoools.


To many busy street crossings, and to much standing at lights hoping some crazy driver isnt having a bad day and runs you over.


I would have to say the bureaucratic indifference. The school is so big that some of the decisions are made by committees and delegation that is necessarily in our best interest. Students are occasionally given new costs on tuition that just appear out of no where without our consent or any actual need on our part.


the worst thing about my school is that even though it is a very diverse school, people still remain attached to their race. There isn't a unity that I wish to see. All students do come together during football games etc, but when it comes to hanging out after class or going out during the weekends, the groups are mostly of one type.


School needs to be made easier to pay for. They try to be prompt about finaid. But they need a better monthly payment plan. Becuase for ours you still get charged late fees and have holds on your account even if you are in the program. But paying 4 it monthly under a better program would make it easier 4 work study students.