University of Alabama at Birmingham Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Good education, but greedy. President Watts decided to shut down the football program in the 2014/2015 year, and promised the extra funds would go towards students quality of life, but the only thing I've seen it go towards is the extra dorm they are building. I was expecting better scholarships (as in an increase in funds), but nothing that has helped the students so far has come around.


Personally, I love UAB. The only thing I would even consider changing is the fact that there are not many over street passes so that students can navigate the urban campus easier. I think that UAB sticks out from most colleges because it is not your traditional campus. Most people think that UAB is a commuter college still, but honestly it has grown into a real college, meaning that we have the traditional quad-like area and that people interact with one another on the campus. I really like that UAB offers many different honors programs and helps students to prepare for higher education.


Another great thing about UAB is the location--Birmingham. Birmingham can't be compared to New York or Atlanta, but attractions and big events are no strangers to Alabama's largest city; and the UAB campus sits in the heart of it all. However, aside from the city life, the campus has an authentic "college town" feel to it. Also, basketball season is huge as the Blazers continue to get closer to a National Title.


I think it is an amazing school. The way it is structured is great. It is a very large campus in a great location. The students are friendly and so are the professors. I think anyone who decides to attend UAB would be very happy with their decision!


UAB is a wonderful college, you can be sure you are receiving a top notch education. Since UAB is located in Birmingham, there are lots of fun activities that are readily accessible to you.


UAB has truly been a great experience for me. Not only did I receive scholarship money to attend, but I feel that I've received a world-class education. I'm not just saying that to throw around fancy terms, either. My professors are literally world-educated and world reknowned. There's really nothing like learning Spanish literature or film from a native speaker who is an expert in their particular speical topics field. Similarly, there's nothing like learning about archaeology in an honors seminar from an archeaologist who can speak about her experiences abroad. I've made great friends here; UAB is chock full of diversity, and that has allowed me to really experience the world right on campus. I wouldn't have traded this experience for anything. Go Blazers!


The best part of UAB is that everything is centered around the students. Everyone has a voice, and UAB gives students every opportunity to express their opinion. The fact that UAB is located in such a metropolitan area is a huge plus. Students are able to gain work and internship experience without the commute. In addition, there is always fun stuff to do in Birmingham on the weekend. If you want to be apart of a fast growing institution where your ideas are valued and traditions are constantly being formed, UAB is the right place for you.


I love UAB. I love that I can get the experience of a traditional four year university while being in the middle of the big city of Birmingham. The city is so diverse, and we are given the opportunity to mingle with different cultures all the time. The people on campus are so friendly, and the teachers are willing to work with you until you fully understand the concepts that are necessary to continue on. When I tell people that I go to UAB, I get a very positive reaction. They usually follow the reaction with an "I've heard such great things about that university!" It is a very prestigious university, and I am proud to call myself a UAB Blazer.