University of Alabama at Birmingham Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone that isn't ready to work hard and study most of their free time. If they are that kind of person that is lazy and a procrastinator they might very well need to reconsider. Also someone who likes personal, one on one, time. Most of the classes are pretty big so that one on one is hard to come by.


People that cannot comfortably keep at least a 2.5 GPA should not attend UAB. This University is far advanced from the community colleges that students go to after they barely passed high school. All classes - even classes that most people would expect to be easy - require hours of study time weekly. However, if you are passionate about your degree like I am, then UAB is the best choice because the teachers want to help you succeed and will try to make learning easier for their students.


People that are not dedicated or determined to succeed should not attend this school. The professors challenge the students to put forth their best effort. They expect a student to invest their time and knowledge into the courses, and the students should be able to do this if they hope to succeed.


The only type of person that shouldn't attend UAB are people that aren't goal-oriented or like diversity.


I fell like everyone should atend this school. This school is very educated, they are very helpful, very friendly, and will make you feel at home.


If a student is looking for culturally similar environment, this is not the school for them. UAB caters and reaches out to an international and diverse learning environment. Also, if a student is not used to being academically challenged or is unorganized, I would not recommend them to attend. As a student at UAB, you have to be disciplined and well organized. Keeping up at any college is a hard task. I believe UAB goes beyond to produce and truly prepare successful students and the curriculum is not for everyone.


Someone that is looking for diversity and wants to do well in a field of health proffesions should attend this school.


At UAB, students need to be on schedule and not procrastinate. Although there is more free time in college, students need to learn how to manage their time and keep up with all of their classes and homework. It can get frustrating and confusing if you are not the kind of person who keeps a schedule. Every class can have homework due on a different date, and you need to make sure that you acknowledge every deadline. If you are not organized, do not keep your time managed, nor study, then UAB is not for you.


Anyone who does not plan to do their absolute best. You need to be willing to put all of your extra time into studying.


A person who does not want to learn and is taking up valuable space.


Lazy people should not attend this school. Anyone who isn't serious about getting an education should not bother applying.


The kind of people that shouldn't attend this school are people that really don't put effort into school. People that only come to college for parties and all fun, shouldn't come to a school like this because the University of Alabama at Birmingham was created for the education of its students. People who slack off and intentionally make bad grades should not consider attending this school because others that want to make something of themselves and receive a great education can have the opportunity to learn instead.


An impatient person who is centered around the internet should not attend this school.


I believe that anyone that is undecided on their field of study should not attend. They would be better served by a community college. With rising tuition it is better to take general courses from a community college which can be transferred. Though a four year college offers more independence for younger students, the cost is way too high to not be sure what degree one wants to earn.


Any one that wanted to could. There are enough different groups of students for everyone to find a place to fit in.


The kind of person I think should not attend University of Alabama at Birmingham is a person who not focused on academic. This school is very challenging and you have to be focused in order the pass all your classes.


The school really can fit anyone, except for a die-hard football fan.


If you like small classrooms with more a personal relationship with your professor, UAB is not the school for you. Its very fast paced and its easy to get behind.


I think there's something for everyone. If you want to party, there's a lot of people to party with, but if you are more serious about your school, there are plenty of teachers here willing to help you find whatever you need for the research you want to do.


Someone who isn't seeking to be in the medical field, whether it be optometry, dentistry, health professions, public health. UAB is one of the top leading medical schools so it would be a waste of time for someone who wants to be a lawyer or a movie director or a teacher.


A person who does not like large and busy environments should not attend this school.


a person should not attend this school if they are not prepared to study more outside of class than they do in class.