University of Alabama at Birmingham Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Their email system. The email addresses for the individual departments don't work on external emails. Furthermore, the IT Department has neither fixed it nor told the individual departments about it.


Having extremely hard courses with very little social events to get away from the academic stress would have to be the most frustrating thing about UAB. Academa is very important, but as young adults it is very important to have fun and live the "college experience" not just the college workload.


The most frustrating thing about my school is parking! Make sure you get to school at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your class! You will need the time to find a parking spot. Parking is bad at almost all universities, not just UAB. I transferred from the University of Central Florida and their parking was just as frustrating. There is no way around the bad parking, you just need to prepare yourself for anything!


The science courses are really hard. Class scheduling overlaps often when you're pre-health.


Having more than one test on the same day


There is not anything that is really frustrating about the school in my opinion.


The most fustrating thing I believe is the use of Blackboard learn. It has several problems such as losing information and not listing you in a class you've registered for. The grading system is definitely messed up on there as well. I know no system is perfect, but Blackboard can become down right infuriating.


School spirit isn't common. A lot of different cultures are represented and not everyone is "football" oriented in their home countries. Academics comes first.


To me, the most frustrating thing about UAB is the fact that it is tailored towards commuter students. There are not many amenities for those students, such as myself, who do actually live on campus. We do not have a traditional student center, with a post office and a bank and other such facilities. The library closes at 11 PM. We live in a shady part of Birmingham, so nothing is truly pedestrian friendly. Based on what I have seen of other schools, I am jealous of all that is offered to the students there.


I feel that the most frustrating thing about our school is that meal plans do not carry over to the following semester. Every student is equipped with a campus card, which we use to pay for meals, attend school functions, and gain access to residence halls. Meal plans are set number of meals that we buy using the campus card. The meals come in Meal Deals, in which we just swipe our cards at a register to obtain our meals. Unfortunately, if we don't use up our meals in a semester, they do not carry over.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the low variety of foods they sell; there isn't that much variety. Also, it's hard to commute to school since I live over an hour away from it.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that I have trouble balancing out the time I spend on my work and my leisure time. My advice to high school students is to mae a schedule specifing a time for work and a time for play. After making the schedule, try sticking to it daily in preparation for college. I think this will make the transition to college much smoother.


The most frustrating thing about UAB is the wireless internet; sometimes it is unavailable and problems are always arising.


Our Varsity Sports are really lacking good players and funding for recruitment.


The most frustrating things are the open campus and the hills. A lot of the buildings are spread out.


One of the most frustrating things is the commute to school and parking. When you live off campus, it is a challenge to get ample parking.


The most frustrating thing about UAB is the parking. There are not enough parking spots available near your class or building if you're a few minutes late. There are parking decks, but they are usually nowhere near your class.


Parking and traffic is the worst thing to deal with at UAB. Especially at the beginning of each semester. I strongly reccomend going to classes early during those times in order to find a place to park. Also, park legally...UAB and Birmingham will ticket you any and every chance they get.




Classes are so spread about.


very hard