University of Alabama at Birmingham Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love the diversity of my school. It is the most diverse college in Alabama, and this is very clear from the wide variety of people that I come in contact with. Everyone is from different places and has a unique story.


The University of Alabama Birmingham is very diverse and I love it. Growing up I went to majority minority schools and didn't have the opportunity to mix and mingle with of ethnic groups. UAB offers all of that and much more.


The best thing about the Univerisity of Alabama at Birmingham is its diversity. The diversity of UAB makes everyone comfortable. You are exposed to many different cultures and traditions outside of your comfort zone which is good because once you graduate from college and enter the "real world" everyone is not like YOU. When you enter the work force or which ever career field you choose, everyone will not be the same, and graduating from UAB would have prepared you for this.


The best thing about the University of Alabama is the location. We are in the heart of downtown so the possibilities for hangouts are endless. We also receive a passport book that guarantees students one free entry into museums, art centers, and historical sites to learn a little bit more about the rich history of Birmingham. There are pleny of places to go in walking distance because the school is surrounded by so many business and food places so you never run out of things to do.


The best thing about my school I would have to say is their library, and within the library the writing center. The writing center was amazing when I needed to use it. The school really trys to help students succeed when they have a weakness in writing. The people that work there are devoted to trying help you make a difference so we can do amazing things in our english class. They never juded you when it came to your writing. Even if it was the worst thing they saw they would just kindly say we should try rewording this.


The best thing about The University of Alabama at Birmingham is that even though your almost dead center in downtown, when you're on campus, it still feels like a college campus with the benefit of having so many places to go to eat and visit with friends only a couple blocks away.


The best thing is how rigorous the cirrculum is in the sciences.


The diversity here is amazing. In addition to the vast variety of cultures and identities you will meet, there are many career opportunities available for people serious about an education in their respective fields. The professors here are very professional and well-known experts, and it is also a very affordable and accessible university for people from all walks of life concerning age, racial identity, gender identity, sexual orientation and so forth.


The best thing about my school is the pleasant plethora of students who differ in cultures and ethnic backgrounds, because this gives an individual knowlege of the world around them in a confined and controlled space.


The best thing about the school is being diverse. It so many different nationalities that attend that school and everyone does get along.


The University of Alabama at Birmingham attracts students from all types of backgrounds, ethnicities and career fields of interest. The great thing about it is the diversity in itself. The University is known for this fact and completely embraces it. For the state of Alabama UAB is one of, if not the best place to get a real-world college experience. Although it is not the most tightly-knit family, it is the place that sort of brings all types of people together to form a community of minds.


There are alot of things that I like about this school, I can't just pick one. I would say that the different opportunites and ways to get involve on campus. There are plenty of organizations to choose from whether its student government or something dealing with your major. its just a wonderful experience and great opportunity to do something and become a better person and leader.


I think the thing that is most unique about our campus is it's in the center of our city. Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama and we are located downtown in the center of it all. There are so many things to do. There are places to shop, many places to eat great food, and places to go have a good time with friends.


The best thing about my school is the variety of experiences it gives each student. UAB is located in the center of many cities including Hoover, Five Points, Mountain Brook, Homewood, and Vestavia. But even in this large city, there are so many quiet places to relax at. There are many historic sites, parks, and attractions to visit. This University is also very diverse. So there are many different cultures to learn about. UAB also has a large selection of majors and schools to attend so there is something for everyone. UAB is the perfect college for anyone!


The best thing University of Alabama-Birmingham has to offer is its diversity. The diverse student body is what makes the campus comfortable for anybody regardless of their background. Every student on campus will find somebody with the same lifestyle as them as well as the opposite. The diverse setting makes it a learning environment outside the campus as well as inside. While you learn about academic studies in the classroom, the University of Alabama- Birmingham will require you to learn about other cultures and way of thinking which is something everyone appreciates and makes the campus unique.


Great education and location.


An engaging social life and there is always an attempt to do something even if it's a bit lame. In addition there are many nationalities at UAB, due to their superb study abroad and excahnge programs that allow one to be exposed to many different types of people.


Best nursing program offered in Alabama


Th ebest thing about the University of Alabama at Birmingham is that it offers such a diverse learning environment. We have many students and professors from other countries, and offer many study away programs. I enjoy meeting these people and learning about what the rest of the world has to offer. We have the highest number of exchange students in all of Alabama, and it has offered a first hand look at what life is like in countries that we have never visited. I commend UAB for offering great programs so others will come here to pursue an education.


The best thing about my school is the Campus Recreation Center because it gives the students a chane to escape from work. It's where all the students get to interact, have fun, and mingle.


I like that my school is so diverse. UAB is home to many different cultures and ethnicities, allowing interactions between groups of people that normally wouldn't interact. It allows the opportunity for both students and faculty to have new experiences and it also creates an open-minded environment.


It is very friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming.


I believe that the best thing about my school is my art classes that I have taken. They have kept my interest and le tme know that I am in the field that I want to be in. The teachers are great and I love all the projects that are given.


The best thing about my school is all the religious orgaizations they have. There is a group for everyone. Everyone can find where they feel they fit in the best. Everyone is so supportive and helpful.


I can do exactly what I need to in order to prepare for my career. The faculty in my department are kind and helpful. My faculty mentor is great.


The best things about my school is that they are very medical endowed!


Everyone that attend UAB is very focused on what they are majoring in. Its small,but to small just the right size. Fraternitys and sororitys are very friendly. For those who want to major in the medical field has an advantage because the campus is surrounded by four big hospitals and a bunch of research labs.


I like that there is a lot of ethnic diversity.


This the best school to go to for medical/ scientific majors. It has an on-site med school that's one of the best in the country!


The best thing about UAB is the students. It is a great environment for studying and learning and you will make friends to last you a lifetime. It is very easy to fit in here and find your nich. And with all the extra curricular activities you will never be hard pressed to find something to do when you aren't studying.


School is a wonderful place, because everyone here is willing to help during any time of the day.


There's nothing that is really outstanding at this school. Everything is just up to par. There isn't even a campus - the school is basically blocks of buildings randomly scattered with no student transportation for convenience. Hardly enough time is given between classes to get from one class to the next.


The best thing about UAB is the location. Birmingham is right in the middle of everything--Five Points South is for partiers, and the Alys-Stephens Center is right on campus (students get huge discounts to go to concerts). There is a heavy music scene, underground and otherwise. And if you're Christian, you're right next to some of the biggest movements around--check out the Basement!


The cultural diversity here is incredible. UAB attracts a lot of different ethnicities and has numerous activities to promote each culture represented on campus. Go to everything you can!


Teachers care about how the students are doing, and people enjoy helping others in classes,


Professors in my area of study are involved and there to help.


You can be whoever you want to be at UAB. There is no "in" crowd.


The best thing about UAB is that there are many people to help out with our "A" plans and "B" plans. They show us a variety of options and always make sure that we understand that we have to prove ourselves to the hiring companies or colleges.


its diversity because it opens your eyes to some many things that you may have been wondering about but would never under normal circumstance would be able to experience


The best thing I like about UAB is it's broad field of studies.


The best thing about my school is that the faculty and health advisors are willing to help the students out in any way possible about their career goals. If students really do the work and are focused, they can achieve their goals easily because the faculty is here to help. For me, college is an adventure and to realize what it is that once wants to do in life and that is why with the help of advisors, my future is bright. I would say that this is the best thing about my school.


The school pushes so many people through it that it dumbs up the work for anyone to pass.