University of Alabama in Huntsville Top Questions

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One of the main things that made UAH unique was its outstanding nursing program. I am planning on getting my bachelor's in nursing, so UAH was one of my top picks. The other unique aspect about UAH is that it is about 20 minutes away from my house, easy driving distance, and freshman are not required to live in the dorms. Therefore, I was able to save a lot of money by staying with my parents and commuting, as many of the other students do.


The University of Alabama in Huntsville is not a traditional university. Academia is highly encouraged, but students are encouraged to live at home and save money. Although it lacks in tradition, there are many opportunities for students to socialize and gain life experiences.


I think what makes my school unique is that it's very diverse.


UAH (or UAHuntsville, as it is now called) provides a rigorous academic program for dedicated students. Its traditional commuter-college feel seems to be giving way to a more on-campus traditional university. setting However, for students like myself who wished to remain at home while attending school, it was a wonderful place to gain a quality education.


UAHuntsville is a very diversified University and I feel safe on campus. With the world of today, I believe safety should be on perspective students' minds. The staff is always friendly, and willing to help with any of your needs or concerns. The campus environment is clean and peaceful, which helps to keep your mind focused on your studies. There is also plenty of activities outside of acedimics to help relieve stress. Comedians, movies, and bands, will perfrom on campus free for students. UAHuntsville is also great for athletic students. They have such a variety of sports!


Potential job opportunities


My school is very interested in students feedback and views pertaining to policies and how things are run in the college and classroom. It's willing to work with students schedules, because it knows that many of its students work and have other very important matters to attend to. It's always willing to hear from students and get their feedback on their life on campus. It has a good atmosphere and is just a good environment to continue with education and higher learning.


UAH is one of the few colleges to have a Russian Language major, both in undergraduate and graduate degrees, when funding isn't being cut.


It is a lot smaller than most of the other schools that I considered. It offers great opportunities for engineering students and business majors by partnering with NASA and other organizations to offer internships as well as career opportunities for UAH graduates.


Proximity to Redstone Arsenal, which is has major engineering opportunities.


At Alabama-Huntsville, the diversity in age is unique to the school. I have class with people trying to finish or recieve another degree, who are married and some even have children. As well there are also people in my class who are the same age I am. So, for advice or a second opinion the diversity is there for either at Alabama-Huntsville.




The small town feel to the school and the teacher to student ratio makes it so easy to feel right at home. I absolutely love our campus, just the right size and I love being so close to everything. Something is always going on at our school and you can never be bored.


I don't know; I didn't visit any of the other schools I considered.