University of Alabama in Huntsville Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The classes at UAH (The University of Alabama in Huntsville) are relatively small. The largest class I have been has consisted of 110 students. However, I know a professor in the nursing department who has told me that she has taught a class of about 250 students. Because of this aquatinting oneself with professors is easy. My favorite class so far has been Engineering Dynamics. The professor who taught was extremely thorough, and made the class very enjoyable. My least favorite class would have to be General Chemistry Two. While the teacher provided many opportunities to study outside of class, the tests he gave were extremely difficult with averages in the 50's. However, while I felt like I was struggling in the class, I was able to score in the 86th percentile on the ACS National exam. One social connection I make in school is through study groups. This is how I have actually met most of my college friends. The most unique class I have taken has been the Introduction Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering course. It required tons of time, but taught many major team building skills because of the team design project. Students are very helpful on campus and very willing to study with others. Competition has benefits by raising the bar, but it can also create a stressful environment. The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department at UAH is very strong and geared well to providing student with real experiences. I was able to receive a co-op position with ease through the career development center and the university's career fair. Also the department outreaches to the clubs on campus providing them with support.