University of Alabama in Huntsville Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The University of Alabam is extremely expensive.


I consider there to be many challenges and peer competition to achieve success. However, these are stepping stones to overcome and should not be considered the worst things about the school. There are teachers that expect a lot, and there are sure to be difficult exams; unfortunately, no one said that earning your education would be easy. A person has to work for what he or she wants. So in considering the worst thing about school, I'd have to conclude that there are only challenges to meet head on.


Just the amount of activities present for students. there isn't much variety like writing, guitar, or other sports recreation. the big fault is the tuition cost is going up every year.


The University of Alabama In Huntsville has not posed any bad experiences within my college experience. The only thing that the University of Alabama In Huntsville lacks is a football team.


The worst thing about UAH would have to be the cost of tuition! I attended Calhoun Community College for a year before attending UAH and it was less than a third of the price and I feel like received the same quality of knowledge, if not better, then so far at UAH.


The lack of part-time employment. So, if possible save as much money as you can before moving here to attend college.


Cafeteria isn't 24/7, even though students have to pay obscene amounts of money for the meal plans.


The dorms could be worked on as well as the university food.


I wish there were meal plans with the local restaurants. The cafeteria is too small to handle the student popualation and more would participate in the meal plans if local restaurants were participating.


The campus life , the quality of the food on campus and the lack of other eateries on campus, because it doesn't make the campus feel "homey" and welcoming


The worst thing about this school is that it is part of the Alabama education system. Education is funded by sales tax; when the economy goes into recession (as it is now), money for education dries up. That means that the universities have to raise tuition and cut costs. Also, Alabama does not have an education lottery like our neighbors in Tennessee and Georgia. This would be a great way to help pay for school, but our citizens have voted against the education lottery. Most Alabamians are more interested in maintaining low taxes than improving the quality of our education.


The Liberal Arts program is underfunded


some of the buildings need some structural improvements


The worst thing about our school is that there isnt as much diversity as they portray but they dont even try to give scholarships to qualifying individuals of diverse backgrounds. Its a good school and being an African American woman it an give me a boost on resumes but financially me and my mom dont have to much help because its just us.


Not enough parking, but they are buliding a parking garage now. There is no transportation on campus so you have to walk everywhere.


The worst thing about this school is that there are so many activities provided that it somewhat tends to be difficult to stay focused on my studies.


The parking is the worst part of this school. We are growing and the number of students outnumber the number of parking spaces we have. We also do not have a bus system that runs from building to building so you have to walk, ride a bike, or drive.