University of Alabama in Huntsville Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Students who are not willing to study and learn on their own will not do well here.


Academically, UAH is outstanding, with one of the best engineering and nursing programs. However, for people who are wanting to have a career as an athlete, UAH is not the school to attend. Many of their sports programs are very good, but for someone who wants to possibly play professionally, I would recommend they attend another school.


Those who like to watch football games. Those who dont take thier degree seriously or classes rather. If they want to be near the beach this college is 6 hours away from the nearest beach.


I'm having a hard time thinking of people who shouldn't attend this college. It's well rounded, although, it's a little small. There aren't that many students, and I could see some students not being satisfied with the size. Also, we do not have a football team, so that might be a problem for some students.


The individual that would most likely no do very well at this Institution is someone who is looking more for the social aspect of the college experiance instead of the academic. Someone who is not very social would have a difficult time meeting people. A person who is not ready to balance social life and academics would most likely have a very diffcult time.


If you're lazy, or just looking for a party school, don't come to UAH. Although we are encouraged to have a social life, academics come first.


Any student who is not fully committed to their program of study should not attend UAH. If they are not willing to put in the required amount of work and time, they dont need to be there.


Someone who does not like to work! Or can't drive. We don't need bad drivers on our campus.


A well focused and level headed person


Any engineering student almost everyone is an engineering major so you will be able to find a lot of help. Most people end up taking the same classes together so it is easy to make friends. Since it is a smaller school so you get more one on one time with the teachers.


Some one who is extremely shy and does not like to participate in class. There are many activites always going on, and professors almost always ask questions or require presentations in front of the class.


A student that wants an advantage when entering the real world.


a go with the flow, unfocused.


hardcore party people, stupid people, or people that don't care about their futures shouldn't come here




Students whose interests are soley in the arts would find UAH less satisfying. While the programs are good, the emphasis here is tilted heavily to the engineering program. The school was started as an engineering graduate school with undergraduate schools added later.




While there are several active fraternities and parties certainly are not uncommon, this is not a party school. In general, the students are focused primarily on academics and career opportunites. If someone is looking for a college in an urban or metropolitan environment, I would advise him to look elsewhere. Huntsville is growing, but it most certainly not a large city by any means.