University of Alabama in Huntsville Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My job. I have met many interesting people through my job, including my boss, our directors, and I have a personal relationship with the dean of students. I feel very blessed to have a job that I love doing.


The best thing about my school is the free stuff students receive. They give out free sunglasses, t-shirts, and school paraphenelia on a daily basis. Free tutoring is also available fo rstudents who struggle in their classes.


The best part of my school is the diversity. I can sit at lunch and be surrounded by five different people all carrying on conversations in five different languages! Most all of them can also speak English so they can answer questions you may have. It's nice also because they can bring a little bit of their culture into each classroom.


The best thing about my school in the student interaction. Yes, students are serious about their academics but the college always has something going on on campus. The student affiliation with sports, greek life, extc is very high and does help new students or former students meet new people and begin to grow long life friendships.


The best thing about UAH is it's location! It's right in the heart of Madison and Huntsville Alabama. I live on the otherside of town so it's not to bad of a commute for me


People are nice. Lots of stuff to do, classes are fun and interesting (most of the time).


I like the classes as well as the extra-curricular activities. The campus is very nice as well.


UAH is a fairly small school, so everyone knows each other and the students can get more attention and help from the faculty.


UAHuntsville is often called the "University-At-Home" for commuter students such as myself who 'end up' at UAH rather than larger Universities. Personally, I chose UAH over any other school that accepted me- I was accepted into 4 other larger Universities, but I felt most 'at home' and comfortable at UAH. UAH is a great University and it has so much to why bother going away when I can love my college and my family?