University of Alaska Fairbanks Top Questions

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The activities and programs provided to us make our school unique.


I would have to say the people. No one really judges other people. We have really diverse weather so your out fit can very alot and no one willl blink an eye if you look horrible. Its all about dressing for the weather versus dressing to impress.


The University of Alaska Fairbanks is a Land, Sea, and Space Grant Institution. We draw researchers from around the world to our Supercomputing Center, International Arctic Research Center, Institute of Northern Engineering, and Geophysical Institute. Forty-two percent of the class of 2013 completed a research, thesis or honors project as part of their bachelor's degree. The Alaska State Constitution was signed on campus, almost twenty percent of the student body are Alaska Native, and our rifle team is a 10-time NCAA champion. But what really stands out: we still go to class when it's 40 below.


After graduation you can be quickly placed into a career field that you studied for.


It has a great education program.


The University of Alaska Fairbanks is a small, friendly campus. Because of the location, it's a great place for people who are interested in Native Alaskan cultures and winter sports.


At my university we like to build things out of ice and have huge bonfires.


Well, I have considered going to school in Clarksville, Tennessee but I wanted to come back to Alaska and go to school in a more familiar setting with more advantages.


We're the most northern school in america, we only get 3 hours of sunlight during the winter, its negative 40 degrees outside, everyone is genuinely happy here, and connected like a family


This is the Artic University, the farthest north school in America. It also is so diverse with Natives, Whites, Hispanics, the older generation, and teh foreign exchange students. Such a mix makes it so much fun to go to school here.


This school was close to home. I know many other students and took college classes while in high school and even being the youngest student felt completely comfortable. Although their are a couple professors we the student want to leave most of the professors and staff at UAF are amazingly helpful and friendly.


I'd say the unique thing, is that is in the middle of Alaska. We have to deal with riding the bus to class at -50 degrees farenheight in the winters which means we have to plug in our cars.


we get tempatures as low as 50 below zero, and we have intramural a sport called Broomball


The unique thing about our campus is also the location. Not many people could imagine going to school in Alaska, especially those from out of state. It has definitely been an experience- climbing a mountain, white water rafting, seeing a moose on campus, etc.