University of Alaska Fairbanks Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I am not involved with any group on campus. Some students do leave their doors open in dorms, others do not, usually students lock their doors. Guest speakers are popular, I have participated in most of the guest speaker's talks. My closest friends are my TA fellows, we spend a lot of time at the office and we get together outside of office very often. If I am awake at 2 am I am studying for my exam, there is no other reason to keep me awake at 2 am in the morning, unless there is an emergency case. Each year there is a Spring Fest on campus, students love this event, there is a lot of free food offered on campus and there is no class on that day. People party very often, usually there is occasion for that, bachelorette party or birthday parties. Last weekend I cleaned my apartment, worked on my thesis and stayed indoors, because the temperature fell down to -40F. On a Saturday night I can watch a movie with my husband. Off campus I go shopping, go to the cinema, or to my friends' houses.


Sports are always a crowd pleaser, yet here at UAF many artistic venues can draw in large crowds as well. The Fairbanks community is heavily involved with the university and supports the activities that are hosted here. Alaskan Native artwork, tribal dances, and talks are always heavily attended by students, faculty, and the community. I am currently involved with the developement of a joint program between the ROTC and the Communication Department. This program will benifit troops that are currently deployed. Students at UAF do not typically leave there doors open for fear that they will freeze that way. Do not let this fool you; the campus is very freindly and most people do not lock their doors. Many students take advantage of the on campus Pub or "The Tilly". Both are located only a few footsteps from the doorms and offer gathering places and food. The Pub also has live music and other entertainment as well as local brews. Fairbanks has an array local eateries, outdoor and indoor activities, and on clear night the Northern Lights are amazing, Because not everyone feels that the risk of frostbite is worth a good time, the communicty offers other activities. Such as; roller derby for women, ice hocky for men and women, in addition to semi-professional and professional teams.


UAF is big into sports like hockey, basketball, and rifle. There are also many Honor Societies on campus. There isn't necessarily a "popular" club at UAF. Students just get into what interests them and everyone participates where they want. I am the President of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars at UAF and we are not a well known organization at the moment but for clubs/orgs it's easy to get your name out there eventually with the right group. There are concerts, comedy shows, and 4 Nanook traditions that happen throughout the year. Students like to hang out around the dorms and play different kinds of games and put on activities. It's not very rowdy, everyone just has good fun.