University of Alaska Fairbanks Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


That some people come and are not prepared and have not researched enough for the cold and also for the adventures. I would say people need to be prepared and research UAF.


The worst hting about my school would be the meal plan.


The worst thibg about my school is the Bursars office is very difficult to work with. Any finacial issues needed to be hashed out require many unneccisary hoops to jump through. It can be extremely frustrating.


I don't like the darkness in winter. This is unavoidable due to Fairbanks' location, but is interesting to cope with for those who have never done so before. I find it challenging to get up in the morning and keep track of time. Going to class early in the morning can be difficult. People also experience depression due to the darkness.


The worst thing about my school would be the location. I have a nomadic soal and I love where I live, but I am limited in my ability to wander. I am used to being in places that a couple hours drive would bring you to a new place with different people and lifestyles. In essence the worst thing about my school is not really all that bad. I am in the major I'm in to experience the world and slowing down to experience a place for what it truely is may be beneficial.


The worst thing about this school is if your taking distance education classes, some aren't offered and you have to go on campus to complete them.


The winters! Although I was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, there is something about the UAF campus that just makes 40 below even colder! Fairbanks is in a valley, while the university is in on top of a hill, so it gets a lot of wind. Walking from the parking lot to class is more than enough winter exposure for me!


The school itself is a wonderful school. They have great people, great students, and the energy level and livliness is great. However, the unfortunate thing about it is that Alaska has very cold weather, so when we have classes that are on upper campus and lower campus, it's hard to get back and forth. Sometimes you'll have to wait for the shuttle for a while or just walk, which is a little unfortunate.


the food and the cost


I believe that the worst thing about my school would be the oraganization of the bookstore. The bookstore located at University of Alaska Fairbanks campus no longer carries books but instead switched to an online bookstore. When students are ordering the books from the UAF online bookstore they can sometimes be waiting on thier books for half a semester, during which they have to borrow a friends or find some other way to do thier homework. Also with the bookstore not on campus the students can not get a book quickly last minute if the book for the course changes.


The parking situation is awful. You have to park at the bottom of the hill and wait for a bus. It's not bad in the fall and spring, but in the winter it stinks.


I am a student with physical disabilities and my school does not adaquately serve students with disabilities. There are tutors and help available all over campus for academic help but just trying to get around campus itself--it has been enough to prevent some students I know personally from enrolling in the school. I had to leave the dorms because they were basically unsafe for me to live in due to their inaccessability.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of modivation in students to achieve better grades.


I personally think that the school cops are the worst thing about the college because they are always around. If you do something wrong they will find you or catch you doing it. Of course they don't ALWAYS see everything, but they are really good at doing their job.


Buildings are located very far apart, which is extremely inconvenient in -40 weather and when you have 15 minutes between classes and professors are very dedicated to their own work.


The worst thing about our school is the quality and diversity of the food. In short, it's inadequate.


Lack of off-campus housing combined with expensive on-campus housing (because of the mandatory, attached meal plan fees). If you don't mind living in a cabin with no running water, then you're fine; if NOT, then it's slim pickings for affordable apartments or houses.


the winter weather, too cold. the financial aid people, there arent enough of them.


The availability of multi-media classrooms. The availability of classrooms in general.


The inter-departmental communication at the school is not very proficient. By themselves each program can be very efficent, but there is often a breakdown of communication when it comes to going between, for example; The international office and the admissions office.


The hills because there's some many of them. I mean you walk two steep slopes after eating and then one more medium hill and then your finally back to the apartments.


Students often take more than 4 years to graduate and sometimes feel unprepared to find employment upon graduation.


Campus is divided into two sections that are more than a 15min walk apart. This makes it hard to make classes 15 min apart, and also really uncomfortable when below 0F.


Perhaps the worst thing about the school is the way some of the staff seems removed from the students and unable to tailor-fit academic plans when a little tweaking is necessary.


the worst thing about this campus is also one of its best attributes, the size of the campus is an issue in the winter. The shuttles become overflowing with students trying to make it to their next class on time, and they can't walk quick enough because its freezing cold outside.