University of Alaska Fairbanks Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is willing to seek out adventures and be prepared for the cold. Who understands that at times it will be -40 below 0 and even colder for long periods of times. But really all types can attend regardless of major or background. Just recognize your going to face a different place then any other in the united states at the university of Fairbanks.


Fairbanks Alaska can and will have some very extreme weather and temperatures. The winters may seem completely awful, but the summers make it totally worth it. The kind of person that should attend this school needs to be someone who can give a little to receive a little and can keep themselves busy with extra curricular activities and such to make it through the winters with the cold and dark. Not only do our summers make it worth while, but our community does too.


The kind that wants to get involved in school events/clubs, especially if they're nervous/shy (UAF has a great record at being welcoming to new students). The kind that wants to work with friendly and knowledgeable professors. The kind that wants to get deeply involved in their areas of interest (tons of scientific research options, open writing/computer labs, great theater programs, etc). The kind that wants to work, part time or full, on campus (tons of jobs). The kind that doesn't just want a school, but a family.


I come from a fast pace state so, in coming to Fairbanks I have learned to slow down and realize what is most important. If you are the type of student who get distracted with activities and events this is the school for you. I am not saying there is not fun things to do but, it is a lot more challenging to get distracted here with all the available sources here to pushing to help students succeed in school. Also if the outdoors is you?re really home. You will fall in love with UAF beautiful scenery.


anyone and everone


Someone that is native alaskan, or an athelete should attend this school. By being an athelete there are things to do and opporunities to leave the state and the campus and experience other things. Being alaskan native means that person is used to the climate and how rural Fairbanks is.


A person who is from a small rural community will benefit from this campus as I described earlier there is one-on-one instruction. The instructors will encourage group discussions, activities, and the instructor are accessible.


Anyone who wants a great learning experience in 365+ million square acres of true wilderness, who has a passion for learning and developing friendships. This is perfect for someone who wants a medium size university with a wide variety of majors offered and breathtaking beauty every time you walk out of your classroom!


A great school for people who want to focus on academics and a practical education. There are excellent research opportunities for graduates and undergraduates who are willing to work during the summer.


Those who have parents who can afford such a school. It's definitely geared more towards parents paying rather than financial aid or scholarships.


UAF is for any person who seeks a quality education for a very low price. Liberals and winter lovers are encouraged to come here also. People who can stay active even when it is cold and dark . A quieter sort of person generally fits in well.