University of Alaska Fairbanks Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


While I wouldn't say that any person should outright dismiss the thought of attending this school, I would say that the school does have a heavy focus on the sciences and research, from an academic standpoint, and, outside academics, a large focus on winter sports, while seeming to put little attention on the arts outside of their respective major departments; if you are an individual looking for an artistically-oriented school, I would likely look at other schools before settling on attending the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


Someone who is not dedicated to their work or want to just party.


Anyone that can't handle cold temperatures, in particular. Anyone that is looking to get involved in "Greek Life" (sororities and fraternities). Anyone that is interested in a variety of shopping opportunities (shopping in our area is very limited) or many outside entertainment options (we have a movie theater, that's about it). Anyone that wants to start trouble or just goof off all through college (campus PD are serious and students must have at least 12 credits to live on campus).


non motivated people.


A type of person that should not attend this school would be a person who despises the cold. Temperatures in Fairbanks during the winter can be brutal ranging from 30 above to 50 degrees below. If a person does not think that they would be able to wear many layers to deal with the freezing temperatures then they should not attend the University of Alaska Fairbanks. However the University of Alaska in Anchorage can be warmer in the winter than the Univeristy in Fairbanks, so if that person wanted to be in Alaska maybe Anchorage would be better.


Who shouldnt attend UAF? People who hate the cold, and hills.


a person who is not looking for a boardroom full of strangers but a lounge full of friends and wants to learn with caring teachers


Someone who is not serious about getting an education should not attend this school. You must be willing to work hard, study hard, and be committed to your educational goals. You must have a strong sense of self and be willing to make sacrafices in order to be successful. You do not necessarily need to know what you want to be when you grow up, but you must grow up!


If you want a quality eduaction, dont attend. Simple as that.


I can't really answer this question in full, but I would guess that someone who does not enjoy cold weather and air pollution during the winter months would not enjoy this campus. I have asthma, and it is hard for me to get from place to place without having trouble breathing due to the air quality, especially when it gets below zero degrees (Fahrenheit).


Don't come to Alaska if you are not willing to try something new. There are so many different cultures all squished together that it makes the city very interesting.


someone who likes cold weather.


Those who don't enjoy the cold or are super interested in business.


I know that a lot of people come here just to follow their significant others and they don't really care about school. Therefore, our retention rate is pretty low. If you want to learn, come on in! If you just want to have some fun, you can take a few classes, but I wouldn't reccomend full-time school.


A person that loves city life and a lot of people should not attend this school. Also a person that hates cold weather should not attend this school.


snobbish people wanting an ivy league quality education and people who really hate the cold.


i think that this campus is generally accepting of students in all areas, especially just starting out, but i would say that if you can't or don't want to deal with -30F weather most of the winter, then you should not be here


Someone who is looking for a big college that is close together in the city, or someone that is looking for a party school, or someone that wants to be in a warm climate with surfing and swimming.


someone who doesn't like cold weather. or someone who is overly pretentious and judges everyone on how they dress, this is such a diverse campus, and everybody is very laid back that its easy to be friends with many different groups, nobody is stigmatized by certain aspects of themselves




Anybody who needs a city around them shouldn't attend UAF. This school isn't very big on outragous parties. People who can't adjust to the different climate should also consider somewhere else.