University of Alaska Fairbanks Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The winters are harder then you expect. Go outside and enjoy it while you can!


I wish that I would have known that there is not that many professors per class. Alot of the time you have to take a class and its with a really bad teacher but you have no other option because thats the only teacher that teaches the class.


I wish that I had known the real-world job markets for the degree programs I was looking at. The University of Alaska Fairbanks is a fantastic engineering school that offers so much to future engineers. It would have been a much better path for me to take than mathematics. I am happy with the degree I earned; however, now looking at graduate programs, I am tempted to go the engineering route. It would have been much easier if I'd have known this was the direction I was going to be heading in when I started.


When I first started my undergraduate degree I always knew that at some point I would get what I needed or I would be in a position I wanted to be in. Nothing ever came easy, but it did show up. What I didn't know was how much my attitude determined the rate at which I received those things. I wish I had known from the start that I could not harbor darkness in me, in order for things to come more smoothly I needed to change they way I behaved towards them.


I grew up in the town of Fairbanks, Alaska. My father had graduated from there with a degree in Bachelor of Science. So, even though I was a new student, I felt comfortable enough to go there. It was my choice, and i really already knew everything I needed to know.


I wish I'd known how hard taking seventeen credits freshman year would be. That would have saved me a lot of mental anguish.


That there is a huge workload. Free time is spent doing homework. All nighters are pulled constantly. There is a great ammount of stress involved- because the strive to do good work is so strong. You must be very passionate- you have to stop and be able to remind yourself that this is what you really want to be doing here, or else you will not make it.


I wish that I had known how spread out the town of Fairbanks is. I didnt realize that you would have to ride a bus if you didnt have a vehicle pretty much everywhere in order to get off campus.


I wish i would have known more about the classes when to take them rather than pretty much choosing which classes i wanted to take instead of the ones i needed to take in order to take other classes that are needed for my major


I wish I had known more about the winter darkness and what it can do to you. I came up to Fairbanks expecting the twenty below winters, but the dark came as a shock. It is difficult to get used to only five hours of daylight in the heart of winter. It really messes with your perceptions of time, and leaves you tired. Eventually you get used to it, but it is definitely different.


I wish I had had the common sense to work at a job before I attended college.


I wish my high school had better prepared me for the workload that I was to recieve at UAF. The difficulty level wasn't the hard part, just getting used to the volume of information and the speed at which we have to process it.


I wish I had known what degree I wanted, really. If I had, and if I had known that the Japanese Studies program at Hawaii is premier in the country, I'd have gone there instead. That's why I said I would go elsewhere if I could do it over.


I wish I had known exactly how cold it became in the winter!


How to get scholarships and financial aid.


I wish I had known the availiability of off campus housing options so i could have started saving money earlier in my career.


That it was science focused...that there were plans to raise tuition and fees...the dorm life was the better option...


Nothing really came as a shock to me coming to this school, especially with family having worked here before and friends attending the school before myself.


How much easier it was to live on campus instead of off campus