University of Alaska Fairbanks Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the campus. It's outdoors, a great size, and the people here are great. The weather is unpredictable but it's an exciting thing. You can see all the stars at night and the Northern Lights are especially amazing to see from your dorm window. Campus is easy to navigate and is not too big or small. The people here are friendly and there is a community feel that is amzing and hard to find at other places.


I really think that the professors up here enjoy what they do and engaging with students. the view from campus is also amazing.


The best thing about the University of Alaska Fairbanks is that it's placed on one of the larger hills in our valley, so when the sun comes up it hits the campus first and during fire season the smoke seems to settle closer to the ground meaning the campus isn't so hazy.


The best thing about the University of Alaska Fairbanks is that there is a lot of opportunity for Alaska residents to get scholarships.


The best things about University of Alaska Fairbanks are the teachers. Because of the small class sizes the teachers care more about what is happenning to you. They know your name and will greet you in passing. When I was sick this semester my english teacher actually called my cell phone to make sure I was all right, and the teachers made it clear that if any extra help was needed all we had to do was contact them.


The size of Cecil College is small enough to remain friendly and comfortable, while still offering a large spectrum of study opportunities. It is important to feel like a person rather than a number; the personal feeling of a small school is wonderful.


The class sizes are small and the professors get to know you.


My psychology professor, Julieann Pankey. She is a new member of the staff, but brings invaluable


The variety of areas of study including degree and certificate programs. This brings a diverse group of students together in an otherwise not-so-diverse area.


I love my fraternity. They are helping me grow and become more of a leader and friend.


The people and the instuctors. Peple are always saying hello and asking how you are doing and meaning it. The instructors work with you and even if you do no thave student disability services you still can get some help from the professor as long as you communicate.


Its awesome! Research is strong, school is cheap. And -50 F is so much fun.


The amount of foreign exchange students we receive and the willingness to help a person with a physical disability like myself.


There are some good exchange oppurtunities to the states and internationally.


The best thing about uaf is the amount of people. It's just right and the classes are never overloaded.


im born and raised here in fairbanks, so being able to live at home and save money while attending this Univ. is very inexpensive compared to many other colleges, the class sizes (especially for english majors) are perfect, the prof are able to give individual attention to anyone who requests it and are very understanding when extenuating circumstances come up that might affect course work. i really like this school because i know so many people and unlike other campuses, its not about who you know, or what you wear, its really about who you are.


The students who go there are from so many diffrent places and backgrounds its great to experience all the diffrent walks of life that attend UAF.