University of Alaska Southeast Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend University of Alaska Southeast?


People that do not want to waste their time and money.


University of Alaska Southeast is an outstanding school with numerous programs available for students with different interests however, considering the small population of the University’s home town, Juneau, the campus is fit for people who need a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the homebody feeling that the town and school have to offer. A person who prefers action or big city feel may not be fit for the small town campus. Faces become quite familiar walking through the halls and for someone who likes adventures, population, and new sights, they may start to feel enclosed as the year progresses.


The city folk who don't like rain or walking.


Anyone that wants a prestigious degree. Anyone who is not independent and focused. Anyone who is scared of nature/outdoors.


It takes discipline, dedication and a strong desire to succeed no matter what challenges lay ahead and if your not ready for that, then you should take a break and live life until your ready.


If you don't like the rain, UAS may not be for you. Also if you are interested in varsity sports. UAS doesn't complete at university levels when it comes to sports.