University of Arizona Global Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Ashford University is a school that caters to every student's desire to learn, achieve and succeed in whatever it is they want for their future.


Academically focused, challenging and very attainable degree programs.


Flexiable, Learning Instutions with experienced Instructors and diverse students working to better themselves.


Ashford university online provides quality education that challenges its students to think critically and effectively manage their time because of the rigorous requirements of its online curriculum.


I enrolled at Ashford University because it had on line college classes, and I lived in a rural area and driving to college everyday was not feasable. I love Ashford University, and I am very happy.And I was using a VA GI Bill called Post 911 Bill for college. My Post 911 Bill was only good for 36 months, and I am short one year to get my BA.


User friendly, appealing for the busy worker, accomodating schedule


It's an online campus. Everyone I have talked to has been very nice.




Ashford Universety is a fun place to be. It is also a good place to learn with all the resourses and suport they offer ther onlin students and ther campus students.


Ashford University is a wonderful, accredited University.


Online college; wonderful experience for working men and women, parents, or those looking for an online setting.


I am so happy that I chose Ashford, I highly recommend it!


My school makes you welcome, and encourages you to excell.


Ashford is a warming enviroment and feels tranquil to focus on my studies.


This school is outstanding and dedicated to their students!


I use the online portion of my school.


Good for the adult college student.


Ashford Online allows me to finish my degree while working full time and raising my family.


Ashford is a great University. The staff and professors really care.


An user friendly online program.


As a 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} online student, living in another state, it's difficult for me to describe my school. What I can tell you is that I am extremely pleased with the academic course content and instruction. All staff personnel are friendly and courtious and eager to assist. I am disabled and so pleased that Ashford University can accomodate me. The Disability Center's been priceless in understanding my needs, and coordinating a flexible schedule to ensure my success. The overall assistance I've received has resulted in a 3.05 GPA. I can't wait to graduate in November.


My school is an institution that promotes the development of foundational values relevant to leadership in the 21st century: self-worth, creativity, interdependence, service, integrity, and institution that fosters vigorous, diverse learning environment shaped by contemporary awareness, intellectual inquiry, and a shared search for truth in which students gain knowledge and build skills and values useful in their personal and career development. It helps students provide a traditional liberal arts college experience, accelerated external-degree programs for adult learners, and relevant graduate programs.


Very helpful and well worth a look if you can not go to a campus. I have enjoyed my courses so far and looking forward to graduating.


I am currently attending online courses at Ashford University and find that it is personal, exciting and fully engaging with faculty and other students committed to helping the student achieve to reach their highest potential.


This school is new for me this year, and I am attending it as an online student. I have attended many different colleges and have learned that the name or type of school really is not that important to me. What I have learned is important is that whether the school fits me personality and thus will able to keep me interested in continuing my attendance until I receive the degree that I'm looking to acquire. I have found that the flexibility of attending a school on-line allows me the greater flexibility that I require in my life.


Ashford allows me to take my classes online at my pace, also it lets me go to class at my conveniece.


convientient, on-line , exccelerated classes, encouriging and caring people


Great school if you accept the information being taught to you, with some okay teachers.


I have found the classes I have taken at Ashford University to be very thorough.


Online classes where students can work on their own schedule at their own pace towards an undergraduate degree.


What sticks out the most about Ashford University is the extremely competent and helpful faculty who has impacted my life greatly.


Ashford University is a perfect place to earn your degree, because the courses are 5 weeks long and you can do your school work 24 hours a day.


This University allows me to continue being a mom, full-time employee and student. I love the ease of the online program and the helpfulness of the staff. I'm looking forward to finally completing my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education.


Ashford University has a brilliant, affordable and convenient online program that I feel fortunate to be a part of.


My experience at Ashford University was helpful to my education needs because the faculty there always was concerned with my needs as a student and as a person.


Ashford's online programs provide flexiblity in achieving educational goals which, if persued in the traditional manner, would not be achievable.


Ashford University is a life saver.


The school I attend is a four year, convienient, on-line university that encompasses students and faculty from all over the world.


Ashford university is a great school with people who help you step by step in your goals, they are all very supportive.


In one sentence would be impossible. Ashford University has afforded me every opportunity to complete my bachelors. And it was done in orderly and fashionable time.


My school is very helpful and friendly.


The online environment has been a wonderful experience with knowledgeable faculty, engaging classmates, and helpful education resources.


Ashford University is an honest and trustworthy school.


Very helpful and friendly.


My school is quite concerned about my success and is very involved in the process of completing my degree.


People keep to themselves.


I love the school, real nice teacher and classmates The best college ever.


Great educational opportunity for those adults who need a break.